11 Signs that Prove You Are A Proud Fashion Freak

11 Signs that Prove You Are A Proud Fashion Freak

‘Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.’ It is a famous quote that vividly expresses what fashion means in our life. It may not be one of the most essential things to survive but it surely is a way to express how you feel about yourself. Even though, most people see fashion as a ‘girly’ thing but it is for everyone in reality.

Most people admire fashion but being obsessed with fashion is quite different. In this post, you will come across some common signs which can prove that you are a proud fashion freak. Here goes the list

  1. You Follow Fashion on Social Media

Fashion on Social Media

Social media is a place not just for connecting with your kith and kin but also for following what you like. People follow their favorite celebs, writers, sportspersons and leaders. On the contrary, fashion freaks dedicatedly follow numerous fashion brands and stores on social media.

  1. Your Emails are Flooded with Shopping Updates

People only subscribe to mails for the services they are interested in. In case of fashion devotees, most of the emails contain e-vouchers, online membership confirmations and newsletters from different fashion brands. Some fashion freaks make sure they don’t miss a single deal on their favorite products.

  1. You are Never Afraid of Fashion Experiments

Fashion Experiments

When you are confident about a specific thing, you are never afraid of giving a shot to new experiments. Fashion freaks are acquainted with minor details of styling and that’s why they are always confident about their fashion experiments.

  1. You have an Amazing Collection of Sunglasses

I won’t even try to represent an example or I will end up with a weird one. But, we can never underestimate the importance of sunglasses in fashion arena. No matter what the situation is, all you need is a sexy pair of glasses and you are all set to go out with your natural grace.

  1. You Know the History of Popular Fashion Brands

Popular Fashion Brands

Almost everyone knows the name of the most prestigious fashion brands like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and Dolce & Gabbana. Interesting, fashion freaks not only memorize the name of such popular fashion brands but also know the complete history about them.

  1. You Read Popular Fashion Blogs Regularly

Weekly fashion digests are not enough for some fashion lovers. This is the reason why they prefer reading popular fashion blogs regularly to check out the new stuff in style town. These readers either bookmark the websites in their browsers or subscribe for the mailing list.

  1. Shopping Malls are Heaven for You

Shopping Malls

What would you call a place where you are surrounded with everything you are obsessed with? Nonetheless the heaven! Fashion lovers never regret spending their crucial hours in shopping malls because they love to be at a place where there are so many fashion options.

  1. Outfit Selection is an Important Decision for You

Whether it’s for work or a special party, a true fashion fanatic will always make sure to pick the right outfit for an occasion. No matter how long the selection procedure takes, fashion lovers never compromise with their choice.

  1. You Just Love ‘Who Wore it Better’ Situations

Kim Kardishian - Who Wore It Better

When fashion freaks see two people wearing similar attire, they like to compare their pairings with that particular outfit. They will compare the accessories, makeup, hairstyle and other things to analyze ‘who wore it better’.

  1. Online Shopping Makes You Feel Better

When you’ve been working for few hours and feel like having a short break, what would you do? If you are a fashion freak, then you will browse some of the best online shopping sites and check out their latest collection. And, when you end up with an exciting deal on your favorite dress or a pair of show, you feel so much better.

  1. You Carefully Watch Award Shows (And Outfits of the Actresses)

Fashion in Award Functions

Usually, people watch award shows to see their favorite celebs winning accolades. But fashion freaks watch award shows to check out ‘who wore what’. In fact, a fashion fanatic can differentiate between the worst and best dressed celebrities according to their own preferences.

Are you a fashion fanatic too? If so, how many of these things are true about you? Well, if half of these signs are true in your case, then you are definitely on the verge of becoming a fashion lover. On the other hand, if more than 10 signs match in your case, then Congratulations! You are an avid fashion fanatic with a tremendous sense of styling.


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