11 Vintage Fashion Essentials You Can Borrow from Your Granny

11 Vintage Fashion Essentials You Can Borrow from Your Granny

Fashion fades but style is eternal. It’s a saying that implicates the never-ending grace of vintage fashion. Besides, some people say that fashion is never constant. Although, plenty of clothing trends keep repeating themselves over a given period of time. People like specific trends but those trends last only for few years. Then again, almost similar style comes back in after a decade or two. Polka dots and animal prints are such example of this fact.

Vintage fashion never goes away. So, even if your granny’s closet is filled with her old clothes. You should be happy and thrilled about it. Here is a complete list of vintage fashion essentials that you can borrow from your grandma:

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Flared Pants

Flared Pants - Vintage Fashion

If you are a true fashion lover, then you don’t need a reason to flaunt classic flared pants. However, a flared pant made of a light fabric in floral pants can work perfectly as a palazzo pant. All you need is a sexy crop top and you are ready to create a chic statement with your flawless style.

Floral print Outfits

Floral Print Dresses - Vintage Fashion

While we are talking about vintage fashion essentials, floral print is something that we can’t skip at any cost. Refreshing floral prints are not just about going retro or something. It is one of those eternal fashion trends that are always there to serve the fashion arena. Floral prints have their own charisma. Besides, styling floral prints with something plain can also work very well.

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Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dresses - Vintage Fashion

There are few outfit patterns that you can carry in a variety of colors and prints. Interestingly, wrap dresses are one of those patterns. In addition to this, what makes wrap dresses unique is that it perfectly highlights the natural shape of your body. Even though, these dresses are available in different prints but nothing can beat the sober plain look.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are one of the most followed trends in the fashion industry. There is no denying that animal prints have been the preference of style lovers for over 60 years. Wide range of animal prints is always there to make you feel more secure about yourself. I don’t need to say much because the fierce fashion trend is an inspiration in itself.

Circle Skirts

Circle Skirts - Vintage Fashion

There are certain trends from vintage fashion that aren’t quite easy to pull off. Especially if you don’t like experiments with your outfits and overall style. Although, circle skirts up to knee length have made an impressive come back in vogue. And therefore, fashion lovers can’t stop loving it.

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Platform Heels

As I have noticed, footwear fashion doesn’t fade so early and usually last for few decade or a century. There is a wide variety of footwear including pumps and stilettoes that you can literally wear anywhere you want. Talking about my preferences, I think platforms wedges are the best among all.

One Piece Swimsuits

One Piece Swimsuit - Vintage Fashion

These day, you can easily find a huge range of two piece bikinis and swimsuits. That doesn’t mean that one piece swimsuits are out of the vogue. There are few benefits of one piece swimsuits that you can’t get with two pieces. Tucking in the extra calories around the belly is one of such benefits.


Let’s face it. But Kimonos are one of the most stylish vintage fashion essentials. Whether printed or plain, kimonos and kaftans look chic and comfortable on all body types effortlessly. Think about it! What can be a better option than a soft fabric Kimono dress for an exotic beach party?

Collar Blouses

Collar Blouse Top - Vintage Fashion

If your granny is offering you her colorful collection of collar blouse, then just grab it. It will be a sheer bargain because collar blouses look so chic with skirts and even pants. Moreover, there are more than 100 styles to carry a vintage collar top in the trendiest way possible.

Knots and Hats

I regularly follow some selected fashion blogs and I have seen what clothing trend is popular these days. Enough with pencil heels and miniskirts; retro fashion is overcasting all over the fashion society. After being underrated for so many years, knots and hats have come back in vogue again.

Long Vintage Cardigans

Long Cardigans - Vintage Fashion

You are totally wrong if you believe that long vintage cardigans will make you look old. You just need to look out for vivid colors because neutral shades make long cardigans little boring. Try to spice up your look with some statement accessory.

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I forgot to mention one important thing here. If someone calls you old fashioned with these styles, don’t listen to them. Because vintage fashion is voracious and not everyone can understand that. However, if I have missed something in this list, then you can tell me in the comment section.


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