12 Fashion Industry Myths People Still Believe

12 Fashion Industry Myths People Still Believe

The fashion industry is all about storytelling and craftsmanship. Sustainability adds value because it makes that back story even more impactful. This cool quote by Miroslava Duma expresses the authenticity of fashion world. There is a broad range of industries that people wish to join but there is always something different about the fashion industry. Interestingly, there is a whole plethora of fashion industry myths that people tend to believe.

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Well, you know they say that myths are everywhere. No matter what industry it is; people create their own misconceptions especially when they don’t belong to it. When we talk about fashion, all we can imagine is a world full of glamour and luxury. Not to mention, there is way much more than what appears from outside. You are not supposed to judge something that aren’t familiar with. In this post, I am going to list out some fashion industry myths that people have believing for a very long time. Here goes the list:

Fashion Photography is Not Going to Last for Long

Fashion Photography - 12 Fashion Industry Myths People Still Believe

So, the crowd is increasing every day in the fashion world along with rising competition. But, that doesn’t mean that fashion photography will disappear. Fashion photography isn’t the job of a random photographer. You really need to have an eye for the good stuff in order to pursue something like this.

Every single fashion Photo is Purely Photoshopped

There is no shortage of talented photographers in the industry who can turn anything into something attractive. But, that doesn’t mean that pretty faces don’t exist in the glamour world. Not every fashion picture is entirely Photoshopped. In fact, most of them are clicked with the right poses and proper amount of light. Then, there are makeup artists who know their job the best.

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Magazine Always Support and Favor Advertisers

Fashion Magazines - 12 Fashion Industry Myths People Still Believe

Some fashion industry myths are partial and this is one of them. Even though, magazines have to endorse advertiser too generate revenue but it’s not always true. Most magazines don’t go overboard while supporting or advertising a given brand. Sometimes, they ensure to deliver the most accurate information to their readers.

The Pricing System Doesn’t Affect Designers and Marketers

Generally, people think that fashion industry makes a huge profit by selling clothing in different regions. No one notices that dupes and copies are available everywhere. People choose for cheap options for obvious reasons and that’s how it adversely affects designers and fashion marketers.

All Designers are familiar With the Sewing Procedures

Sewing Machine - 12 Fashion Industry Myths People Still Believe

There are many fashion industry myths but this one is my real favorite. Because it’s funny! There are many famous designers who don’t know who to sew a patch on a clothing piece. All they do is to create designs and instruct someone else to stitch the dress. Yeah, that’s true!

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The Profession of Modelling is Easy as Hell

Modelling Struggles - 12 Fashion Industry Myths People Still Believe

Modeling is not just about dressing up and walking on the ramp or getting clicked on the camera. Models have to go through a lots of struggle in order to stay in business. A strict diet plan, workout and healthy living is just an aspect of the profession. When it comes to photography and catwalks, they get to come across the adventures that we can barely imagine.

Fashion Week is Just a Formality and Isn’t Beneficial at All

Some people might not be interested in fashion and ramp walks. But, they can’t judge the importance of a professional event designers organize to showcase their best work. Fashion weeks are crucial for new as well as experienced designers where they exhibit the latest designs and fashion trends.

Celebrities Attend Fashion Weeks Due to Their Friendship with Designers

Celebs in Fashion Shows - 12 Fashion Industry Myths People Still Believe

You know, it’s a quite rare case that a celebrity would join a fashion show just for the sake of friendship. Fashion events require endorsement and publicity in order to raise their market. Therefore, they invite celebrities and pay them to be a part of the event so they can endorse their designs.

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A Fashion Diploma is Compulsory to Get a Job in The Industry

This is one of the most common fashion industry myths. I am not saying that you can become a professional fashion designer without having proper training and education. But, there are many career options in the industry that are wide open for those without a fashion diploma. If you have management skills and a knack for fashion, you are all set to be a part of the colorful world of fashion.

The Industry Faces Cutthroat Completion Every Day

Can you name just one single industry or professional with no competition? No, you can’t because there isn’t any. We live in a world where people compete to survive and there is nothing wrong in being a part of the cutthroat competition. Besides all these myths and rumors, fashion industry is also known for supportive collaborations and events that are organized every now and then.

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The ‘Effortless’ Style Techniques of Popular Celebrities

Priyanka Chopra - 12 Fashion Industry Myths People Still Believe

So, we see celebrities looking dapper even in their casuals every day in magazines and tabloids. Have you ever wondered how do they do it? Are they naturally stylish, fashionably genius or what? Just so you know, they all have stylists who help them with their clothing, accessories and everything. It’s the magic of a professional stylist who makes your favorite celeb look totally terrific all the time effortlessly.

Most People in The Fashion Industry are Back-stabbers

I think this is one of the most ridiculous fashion industry myths. It’s not just the glamour industry but you can find back-stabbers anywhere, literally! It’s the expression over profession that affects and appeals human behavior. Many popular designers not only appreciate the work of their fellow designers but also try to support them when in need.

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Although, I have mentioned all the possible aspects that I am aware of. I am sure there might be more fashion industry myths that I may have missed. If there is any, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Till then, have fun and live on your own terms.

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