12 Struggles Only Makeup Lovers Will Understand

12 Struggles Only Makeup Lovers Will Understand

‘Makeup is self-confidence directly applied to the face.’ This quote is an implication that makeup has the capability to make a woman feel about herself, no matter what the situation is. Usually, women wear makeup to highlight their best facial features. Apart from this, some women consider it as a therapy that can instantly boost the mood.

struggles of makeup lovers

Although, being a lover of beauty and makeup isn’t child’s play. There are few things that you get to confront if you are fond of makeup. In this post, I will throw light on some common struggles that only makeup lovers can understand as they go through them almost every day:

  1. Effect of Natural Light on Makeup

You might have noticed that a particular lipstick shade looks different in natural light and artificial light. Obviously, no one applies the makeup in natural light but the appearance differs when we come out with our makeup on. This concept of variation is annoying for makeup lovers because the makeup doesn’t look the same in natural light.

  1. Eating After Lipstick Application

Eating with Lipstick on

One of my cousins has a collection of more than 50 red lipsticks almost from every brand. Yes, she is this obsessed with red lipsticks. Makeup lovers who apply expensive lipsticks don’t like to eat with their lipstick on. No matter how expensive a lipstick is, when you eat something, it will definitely come off. That’s what makeup lovers don’t like.

  1. Being Strong during an Emotional Moment

No on wishes to cry while wearing makeup. In fact, after applying makeup, we make sure not to make intense expressions or laugh hard. Considering this, when a makeup lover get stuck in any emotional situation she tries her best to control her feelings. Breaking into tears with makeup on can be a disastrous beyond imagination.

  1. Unavailability of a Popular Makeup Brand

I still remember when I spent almost 6 months in finding a tinted lip balm from Maybelline and yet failed to do so. It is really exhausting when you try to find something so bad and you don’t find it at the end at all. It is quite annoying for makeup lovers when they can’t look for their favorite makeup brand easily.

  1. No Time to Click Pictures

Beautiful girl taking selfie

I believe that it’s a trait of human nature. When you are sure that you are looking great, you would want to click pictures. But, sometimes you don’t get enough time to do that because of other chores surrounding you through the course of action.

  1. Hatred for Taking Time While Getting Ready

Being a dedicated makeup lover, there is one thing I would want to say. If you really want me to come with you, then have patience and I will be ready to go at the right time. Makeup lovers really don’t like it when someone keeps poking them while getting ready.

  1. Cancelled Outings

Imagine that you picked the best outfit from your closet and getting ready to look the best. How would you feel if the outing gets cancelled? It surely is an unfair thing especially when you’ve used some of the most expensive beauty products to get ready. In a situation like this, I would go alone to a coffee shop or do some shopping.

  1. Low Staying Power of Makeup Products

Makeup Touch up

For me, low staying power of makeup products is the most irritating thing about makeup. No offence, but if a lipstick can’t survive for at least 3-4 hours, then why should we even buy it? Obviously, no one would want to do the touch up again and again at a dinner party.

  1. Hot Days

Makeup meltdown

Scientifically, sun is the greatest source of energy and human life is unimaginable without it. But undoubtedly, those excessively hot sun rays are the enemies of makeup. I wouldn’t even want to imagine the condition, when all the makeup melts and rinses out along with sweat. Although, I have seen some of friends in a situation like this and I wouldn’t like to recall the moment again.

  1. Shortcut Makeup Techniques

Makeup is a fun thing but some shortcut makeup techniques are not. There are some selective beauty hacks that turn out to be completely opposite of what they are supposed to be. If you can actually achieve the sultry smoky eye makeup look just by smudging your kohl, then why makeup brands offer customized smoky palette for makeup?

smoky eyes gone wrong

  1. Online Shopping

Online shopping can be exciting but that’s not true in case of makeup shopping. Even though, there are some reputed online portals that offer quality makeup online but it doesn’t work all the time. I have seen people complaining about online makeup shopping.

  1. Criticism for Wearing Makeup

There is a stereotype that girls who wear too much of makeup try to impress others or are insecure with their natural looks. Typical, right? Makeup lovers are often criticized for their unconditional love for makeup. Do we really have to care about it? Absolutely no!

Are you a makeup lover too? If so, then you will definitely going to agree with these every day struggles that makeup lovers experience. In spite of all these struggles, makeup is still one of the best therapy that sometimes heals our mood. So, keep loving what you like and stay happy!


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