8 Bad Beauty Habits That Make You Look Old

8 Bad Beauty Habits That Make You Look Older

Who doesn’t want to get a healthy skin and look great naturally? But, the question is – Are all the habits that we take into consideration to look nice are worth? Apparently, some of our beauty habits like cleansing and makeup that we include in our skin care regime secretly make us look old. Some of these habits show their negative effects immediately whereas some of them take a while to show their impact. Here is a list of those bad beauty habits that result in premature aging:

  1. Over-exfoliation

Those who like to exfoliate their skin every now and then must remember that there is a wide difference between human skin and a dirty floor. Therefore, you don’t need to be as hard during skin cleansing as you are during floor sweeping.


Even though scrubbing is an essential part of skin care and keeps dead skin away. But, when you exfoliate your skin way too much, it tends to make your skin dull and saggy. Make sure that you don’t scrub your skin more than twice in a week and once in a week if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Prolonged Gap in Skin Care

If you are someone like me, you would find it hard to stick to a regular skin care routine because when it comes to applying something on face, I am so lazy. Even then, I ensure to follow the CTM procedure at least once in a week along with scrubbing and a natural face pack. There is no big loss even if you miss a week but more than this would definitely not suit your skin. This can’t be included among bad beauty habits but it can lead to annoying skin issues.

  1. Addiction for Sunbath

Addiction for Sunbathing

It’s quite natural that we get addicted to something we like. Sunbath is a great practice to achieve sexy sun-kissed skin but too much of it can ruin it all. We all know that sun rays contain UV rays and therefore frequent sunbath is one of those bad beauty habits that can be a problem for your skin.

  1. Messy Hair

When you ask your hair stylists to give you a perfect look for a wedding function, they either apply fake buns or create natural volume through back combing. Although, it gives you a completely different look but that back combed part of hair tends to get damaged when you don’t fix it after few hours.

Sleeping with Messy Hair

Besides, if you sleep without combing your hair, then you should be aware of the threats that you are developing for your hair. You might think that bad hair isn’t linked with premature aging but bad hair won’t make you look good in any way possible.

  1. Unremoved Makeup

Sleeping with Makeup On - Unremoved Makeup

I know that when you come back from a party, all you want is an undistracted sleep. Some people try so hard to change the costume or even sleep in it. Now, I can imagine why most of the women don’t remove their makeup and sleep with it. Sleeping with your makeup on is like sleeping with your enemy because chemicals present in your makeup begin to show their effects on relaxed skin. An entire night is more than enough for the cruel chemicals to spoil your skin.

  1. Downward Application of Makeup

Foundation is one of the foremost things that we use to make the perfect makeup base and wrong application can ruin it all. There are several rules that we must follow while wearing makeups and especially foundation. Application of concealers, foundation and blushers downward on face can harm your skin and especially the jawline and chin area. It is amongst the common bad beauty habits and you can avoid it by going upwards while wearing makeup.

  1. Skin Stretching During Applying Makeup

Skin Stretching During Makeup Application

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in makeup, you do stretch your skin during makeup at least once. But, this skin stretching practice can result in premature aging. We usually stretch skin near eyes especially while applying a winged liner. Rather than this, you can use a card or a tape to achieve the perfect liner look and save your skin from bad beauty habits.

  1. Long Hot Baths

Long Hot Bubble Baths

When you come back to your home after a tiring and stressful day, a hot bubble bath can save your mood from reaching to the worst levels. But, when the water is too hot and you spend too much time in your bathtub, you create a threat for your skin all by yourself. The condition is different for lukewarm water but using hot water for long baths is one of horribly bad beauty habits that you must avoid.

If you really wish to protect your skin from premature aging, then you must expel these habits out of your regular skin care routine. You don’t need to put any hard efforts in order to do so. You just have to say good bye to the above mentioned habits and you are all set.


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