8 Coolest Ways to Look Stunning in White Shirts

8 Coolest Ways to Look Stunning in White Shirts

We all have a set of clothes that we carry in our closets but wear them rarely or never. In this list of clothes, some girls have oversized tops or an old skirt; I have some white shirts in my wardrobe. Technically, white shirts are the best for work but that’s not all. Besides, I have seen many girls wearing them like a uniform. But, isn’t it a cliché thought to make white shirts just a part of typical uniform look?

White shirts makes you look rather elegant but that doesn’t mean we can’t experiment with it. In fact, a white shirt is like a canvas where the possibility of creativity is the highest. Instead of giving an irrelevant lecture on plain formal shirts, I will share with you some easy ways to look scorching in white shirts. Here goes the list:

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Leather Bottoms

White Shirt with Leather Pants

A classy pair of leather pants is what you will find in the wardrobe of every fashion lover. I might sound partial but I am almost obsessed with leather pants. Usually, leather pants go with almost all types of tops and t-shirts. Pairing it with a white shirt can be a great idea especially after tucking the shirt in. I can’t think of a better option of bottoms for white shirts.

Colorful Maxi Skirts


Emma Watson in white shirt and maxi skirt

A maxi skirt can do way much more than your regular style expectations. In order to complement the monotony of a white shirt, you can pair it with a gorgeous maxi skirt. A soft fabric skirt in bold and appealing colors would be the best option to pair with a shirt. You can keep you hair free while pulling off this enticing style.

Denim Shorts

White Shirt with Denim Shirts

A classic pair of denim shorts is what every woman on this planet would be comfortable in. keeping the level of comfort aside, denim shorts will look chic and alluring with white shirts. If you have a high waist denim pant, then you can cut it off. You can try those self-made shorts with your white shirt. You just need to prep your shirt a little and you are all set to look your best.

Bold Colored Pumps

Pump Shoes with White Shirt

We can’t buy medicines to deal with stress but we can always purchase a sexy pair of pumps. Pump shoes are something that we can pick in any color from red and black to beige and white. If you think that you don’t look good in a white shirt, then grabbing a pair of pumps is the best way to go.

Aviator Sunglasses

In this part, I would like to confess that I am not a fan of sunglasses. I don’t know why! Yet, I’ve always secured a safe place for aviator sunglasses in my closet. I like aviators may be because Michael Jackson used to wear them a lot and I am a die-hard fan of him. Aviator sunglasses make you look more of a fierce and confident person. That’s why you can style them with your simple white shirt look.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirt with Formal Shirts

Combo of pleated skirts with white shirts is nothing different from the combination of cookies and hot milk. Alright, I won’t brag about my love for food here. Moving on, all you need is a pleated skirt to pair with your plain shirt. Make sure you adjust the collar and sleeves of the shirt to make it rather appealing.

Stylish Sling Bag

Stylish Sling Bags

I won’t call myself an avid fashion lover. Even though, my collection of sling bags in a variety of colors explains how much money I have spent on them. However, a sling bag could be a nice companion in a pairing of white shirt and a sexy pair of trousers.

Chunk Jewelry

Chunk Jewelry with White Shirt

I love to collect beautiful chunk jewelry in numerous patterns and colors. Besides, I can never have enough bead necklaces. Yeah, I am that crazy about chunk and bead accessories. A colorful piece of chunk accessory helps you create a statement in your plain white shirt look.

These are some of the essentials that I prefer to pair with my shirt. Not just the white shirt, but any formal shirt with no print and pattern would go with these simple ways. According to you, what is the coolest way to look awesome in white shirts? I would love to know in the comment section below.


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