Knowing Carmen Dell'Orefice The Oldest & Most Successful Fashion Model

Knowing Carmen Dell’Orefice: The Oldest & Most Successful Fashion Model

Hello all! Here’s a little secret.

Whenever I feel sad or demoralized, I travel the internet to read something that can set me up in a good mood. No biggie, right?

The other day, I was reading about some of the most successful women in the world. It was the time when I came to know about Carmen Dell’Orefice; the oldest and the most successful fashion model in the world. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but also manages to rock her greys in astonishing ways. The Diva has been defeating the age for many decades quite magnificently.

Model Carmen Dell'Orefice

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I guess I don’t need to tell that this entire post is going to be about the ageless beauty. Let’s begin with her overall working experience and career highlights.

The Prettiest Age Conqueror

Renowned as the world’s oldest working fashion model, Carmen Dell’Orefice was born on June 3, 1931. She is 87 years old but evidently this is just a number for her. It is just a wonder how she manages to look stunning and graceful all the time. She started her career in modeling when she was only fifteen. Since then, she never looked back and serving the fashion industry.

Carmen Dell'Orefice- the prettiest age conqueror

In fact, the story of her joining the glamour industry is also quite fascinating. The wife of a photographer approached her while she was in her school bus. She was just 13 at that time. Even though, her first test photos were not really appreciated, her godfather helped her to reach vogue. That was the moment was she was signed her first modeling contract with the reputed fashion magazine.

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The Italian-Hungarian Heritage

Young Carmen Dell'Orefice

Carmen Dell’Orefice also shares Italian and Hungarian heritage due to the origin of her parents from respective places. Her parents didn’t have a very healthy relationship. Therefore, she used to live with her relatives or in foster homes during that time. Although, she chose a career soon in her life but her personal life was not easy. The struggle has always been a part of her life but she fought with it with strong will and courage.

Married Life

Carmen Dell'Orefice Marriages


Carmen Dell’Orefice met Bill Miles in her early 20s. Things worked out for both of them and they got married. Soon, she realized that it was not the right call for her because her husband was exploiting her financially. He used to collect all her modeling checks and only provide her with $50 for the allowance. She left her husband after the birth of their daughter Laura.

After some time, she met Richard Heimann who was a photographer. They kept meeting for six months and then got married. It didn’t work out either for but they remained friends for a very long time even after their separation.

Carmen Dell'Orefice- old pictures

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In the mid-60s, she met and married Richard Kaplan, a young architect. Their marriage lasted for almost eleven years. In 1980s, she came along with TV host David Susskind. They got engaged and were about to get married when he died.

Career Highlights

Not only is Carmen Dell’Orefice the oldest fashion model but one of the most popular player in the glamour arena. She has been on the cover pages of famous fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Along with this, she has also covered renowned modeling campaigns like H&M.

Carmen Dell'Orefice- the vogue cover

Carmen Dell’Orefice is synonymous to courage, positive attitude and magnificence. The overview of her life which looks more like a roller-coaster ride is definitely an inspiration for every single girl. Her achievements and struggles implicate that life would never stop testing you. It is you who is responsible for the goods and bads of your life. I am surely gonna learn a lot from her. Are you?

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