Top 7 Best Looks of Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City

Top 7 Best Looks of Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City

Hollywood has perfectly mastered the art of explaining complex concepts to the general populous. In last few decades, the industry has served us with entertainment in a wide range of genres including fashion. There are like hundreds of movies and TV shows that teach you a lot about fashion, clothing and accessories. While talking about Hollywood and fashion; we can’t skip some of the best looks of Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City.

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The show was a massive success amongst the viewers throughout the entire run. Not to mention, the spin-off movies were equally impressive. People and especially women appreciated the relationship advises, facts and trends from the show. But, fashion was also a noteworthy part of the show as we all remember the outstanding styling sense of show’s characters including the lead Carrie Bradshaw.

In fact, I personally binge watch the show for makeup and outfit inspirations. In this post, we will take a look at top 10 best looks of Farah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City:

The Catwalk Charisma

Carrie Bradshaw Ramp Walk

Sarah Jessica Parker Played the role of Carrie Bradshaw who is popular in New York City for her newspaper column. A friend of hers asks her to walk on ramp for the upcoming fashion week. Carrie is seen wearing a stunning blue outfit along with a gorgeous hairdo. But then, something unpleasant happens and she turns the moment into something unexpected. This scene not only witnesses one of the best looks of Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City but also inspires to get up after every fall.

The Crop Top Experiment

Carrie Bradshaw Crop Top

Carrie Bradshaw goes to meet Aiden in his bar and appreciate him for helping her friend Miranda. She knows that Aiden is kind of mad at her for something. So, she decides to make it up to him in an extremely chic outfit that involves a black crop top and a stripped pencil dress. It’s hard to avoid the simple yet classy hairstyle she has paired with her comfy combo dress. Certainly, comfort is the reason why I consider this as one of the best looks of Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City.

The Sheer Dare

Sex and the city outfits

Carrie Bradshaw was an excellent writer probably because of her expressive nature and a witty sense of humor. A friend of Miranda’s is getting married and Carrie decides to bring Mr. Big as her date for the occasion. You can recall her slightly peachy pink off shoulder sheer dress complemented by her signature wavy hair. I specifically remember this episode because she wrote bride-groom a wonderful poem on love.

The Casual Lunch Outfit

Carrie Bradshaw White Dress

Interestingly, Carrie Bradshaw always managed to look graceful and gorgeous no matter what the situation was. After a fight with her friend Miranda and a lots of Dilemma, Carrie decides to join Big for lunch (only and nothing more). The lady clearly understands how to look fab and absolutely fine while meeting the ex-boyfriend. Basically, she knows how to keep it casual.

The Bewitching Beige

Sarah Jessica Parker Beige Dress

So, it’s her first date with the Russian artist Alexander Petrovsky and she couldn’t be more excited about it. So, she decides to look exclusively classy by wearing her beige fringe dress which is beyond magnificent. I myself worship this look as one of the best looks of Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City. Another nice thing about the look is her sleek straight neck-length hair and her evergreen subtle makeup look.

The Power Puff in Paris

Sarah Jessica Parker Layer Dress

We are all aware with the fact that Paris is also known as the fashion capital of the world. Whenever someone talks about this elegant city, fashion is the foremost thought that enters the mind. Carrie Bradshaw always wanted to go Paris. She even get the chance to do so and that too with her dreamy boyfriend Alexander Petrovsky. In fact, it seems like she has been saving her best outfits for this opulent place. It won’t be wrong to say that everything she wore in Paris was more than perfect.

The Final Cut Outfit

SATC Carrie Final Outfit

Certainly, Sarah Jessica Parker wanted to deliver a memorable end to the series and that’s why she ended it with one of the best looks of Sex And The City. From the overall series, we learnt that she had a great collection of skirts and stylish t-shirts and tops. With the final cut, she revealed her overcoat look along with her full-of-life sunshine smile.

These are all some selective picks that ladies admire and get inspired from even today. Miranda’s work outfits, Charlotte’s sophisticated attire and Samantha Jones’ party outfits are some honorable mentions. What’s your favorite best looks of Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City? Express your thoughts in the comment section please!

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