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10 Most Popular South Indian Movies You Can’t Afford to Miss

massive success of recently released Bahubali: The Conclusion has proved that South Indian Cinema is a factory of talent and seamless capabilities. The first part of this brilliant masterpiece was out in 2015 when people had no idea how big the project was. But now, here we are getting all the answers that the makers left in the earlier part and praising the efforts of the entire team. This flick has certainly grabbed the crown as one of the most popular south Indian movies.

South Indian Movies

Bahubali has managed to leave an impact on viewers mind but this is not the first time when South Indian cinema proved its supremacy and competence. There are many other south Indian movies that are really good in terms of story, concept, cinematography and message. In this post, I am going to list out the 10 most popular South Indian movies that give tough competition to Bollywood movies:

  1. Bahubali (2015)

Bahubali Movie

Watch this movie and you will understand what does ‘epic’ mean. This is not the only list where this movie grabbed out the first rank as all news channels and newspapers are talking about it. Bahubali franchise is the perfect example of perfection and dedication. When different people come together to make a team and give 5 years of their life entirely to one project, this is what we get as a result. Bahubali: The Beginning was a huge commercial success and Bahubali: The Conclusion is successfully making a new record every day.

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  1. Enthiran (Robot) (2010)

Enthiran - Robot Movie

South Indian cinema clearly understands what audience expects from a science fiction movie. A sci-fi flick by Famous South Indian director S. Shankar, genre of the movie was selective and yet he managed to blend all the core elements of entertainment in this movie. It tells the story of a brilliant scientist who creates a robot for the betterment of humankind but it turns out to be more of a disaster later. Enthiran was one of the most popular and successful South Indian movies of that year and its sequel is almost ready for the viewers.

  1. Eega (Makkhi) (2012)

Eega - Makkhi Movie

Another spell binding fantasy flick from S.S Rajamouli that performed quite well on box office. Do I need to say anything else now? I would have to say that he is not just a talented director but also a dexterous visualizer giving some of the most popular south Indian movies. Eega is the story of a happy-go-lucky boy who loves a girl but a businessman who is also eyeing on the same girl kills him. The guy is reincarnated as a bee who later takes his revenge on the businessman. It is really interesting to see how a bee manages to accomplish his purpose along with his lover.

  1. I (2015)

I Movie

I must say that South Indian film industry has lots of great deals in stores for fantasy fanatics. This is another fantasy feature film that S. Shankar directed after Enthiran (Robot). It is the story of a body builder turned model who falls in love with a famous female model Diya. Everything goes well until he develops a hunchback and, notices excessive hair fall and tooth damage. His world is devastated when he comes to learn the shocking reason behind all these things.

  1. Anniyan (Aparichit) (2005)

Anniyan - Aparichit Movie

Anniyan is popular 2005 thriller flick and its Hindi dubbed version is Aparichit. Directed by S. Shankar, this movie explains the concept of multiple personality disorder. The story belongs to a simple boy who believes in following the rules and regulations. Unfortunately, this behavior leads him to constant mocking and torture by local goons. Later on, he does take a step for himself but not as himself and as a completely different and quite violent person. It is interesting to see three personalities looming over one person. The suspense makes it one of the finest and most popular south Indian movies of all time.

  1. 24 (2016)

24 South Indian Movie

We have heard of so many stories in which evil twin tries to dominate his/her sibling to prove the power and authority. Suriya starrer 24 is a 2016 science fiction thriller that depicts the similar story of a scientist who invents a time machine. His twin brother kills him to get the precious gadget yet fails. Scientist’s son comes back for revenge but his evil uncle kills him too. Events take place in such a manner that things start to get better. The actor is known for acting in a number of the most popular south Indian movies.

  1. Vishwaroopam (2013)


We all are aware of the versatility that Kamal Haasan delivers in his movies and Vishwaroopam is one such film. This crime mystery offers a mix dose of action, mystery, a bit of drama and classic comedy scenes. Vishwaroopam is one of the most popular and highest budget south Indian movies. The movie performed really well on box office. Besides, it also achieved 60th national film award for the best production design and choreography.

  1. Sahasam (Sabse Bada Jackpot) (2013)

Sahasam - Sabse bada Jackpot

Do you like adventure mysteries of treasure hunt on dangerous locations? If so, then Sahasam is what you should definitely watch on a free day. The story talks about an ATM security guard who learns that his grandfather has hid all his savings as a treasure in a distant location. It turns out that a terrorist along with his gang is also after that treasure. It’s really interesting to see the chase between the good and the evil throughout the movie.

  1. Vedam (Antim Faisla) (2010)

Vedam - Antim Faisla

Completely apart from conventional cinema, Vedam is a drama that showcases three different lives. Somehow, they bump into each other after a horrifying terrorist attack that takes place in a hospital. The movie has IMDB rating of 8.2/10 which is fair enough for the portrayal of society and its different classes. Anushka Shetty and Allu Arjun gave phenomenal performances in this critically successful flick.

  1. Kanchana (2011)

Kanchana Movie

If you are a horror lover, then you should definitely get some time to watch this spooky flick. With a concept of after death vengeance, this movie holds the perfect amount of horror, comedy and concept. Not only is the first part but the sequel of the movie is also as good as the first one. The plot of this awesome flick includes binding and heart touching flashback story. The comic timing of the supporting actors makes it one of the most popular south Indian movies so far.

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I know that the list of the most popular South Indian movies is quite huge. But, I picked some of my favorites here. Let me know your favorite south Indian flick in the comment section.


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