13 Things You’ve Seen in All Romantic Comedy Movies

13 Common Things You’ve Seen in All Romantic Comedy Movies

Has it ever happened to you that you are watching TV and you can totally guess what next will happen? It happens to me a lot and especially while watching romantic comedy movies. There was a time when people used to be crazy about these movies. But now the choices have changed and variation has become the requirement of our brain. Besides, I have noticed some common things in all romantic comedy movies.

Romantic comedy movies fall under the genre that people indulge in to light up the mood. But these days, almost all rom-coms seem to have a typical synopsis. What makes these rom-coms different is just the casting or the production house. In this post, I will represent a list of few common things that you have literally seen in all romantic comedy movies.

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It All Starts With Hatred

Hatred between friends

So, these romantic comedy movies begin with a fateful interaction between male and female protagonists. They are both attractive but when they meet each other, they react like they are enemies or something. Or, the female lead would be mad at the lead guy for a lame reason. That’s how most of these flicks start.

A Best Friend with Expertise in Relationships

A Best Friend with Expertise in Relationships

The female lead is generally shy, conservative and busy in concentrating on work. Thanks to writers’ mercy, she has a friend who is smart and outspoken. She is the person who will help the female protagonist with numerous relationship issues. Not only this, she will also help her friend deal with the bitches who tease her innocent friend.

Resemblance with a Fairy Tale

This fairy tale thing is literally one of the most common things in all romantic comedy movies. Alright, let’s just face it! Though life is fair to everyone but it is never a fairy tale. Yet, the writers of romantic comedy movies ignore this reality while developing a synopsis for these flicks. According to rom-coms, a simple girl succeeds in finding a ‘happy go lucky’ guy who treats her like a princess.

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Presence of the Nicest Guy

As I have mentioned above, these movies make us believe that the world is filled with nice guys. I am not saying that they don’t exist. But in these movies, guys are just perfect and they act like the most loving person on this planet. They can’t and won’t do anything wrong or messy.

An Extremely Dramatic Burst Out

Bursting out in public

In general, protagonists are calm and nice to everyone. But, when they are mad at someone, they will burst out at a place which is filled with people. It’s the level of suppressed anger that they don’t mind creating a scene in front of everyone.

The Need (Sometimes Unnecessary) to Hide the Truth

Sometimes, writers showcase baseless reasons to hide a fact or a given truth that characters don’t want to reveal. For example; two people like each other but they never talk about it. Why? Because, it’s not the right thing and it might change their friendship. Blah, blah, blah!

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At Least One Embarrassing Moment

Embarrassing moments in movies

Embarrassment is a general phase of life. Therefore, it’s one of the common things viewers witness almost in all romantic comedy movies. You might have seen American Pie which is one of the most successful rom-com teen movie. Each part of that movie contains at least one embarrassing moment which is nothing but a nightmare. In ’27 Dresses’ movie, the female lead is embarrassed in front of everyone because of her story in newspaper. Well, the list is long and I can go on and on.

Unexpected Gestures of Characters

Unexpected Gestures of Characters

Most of the things that makers show in rom-com movies never ever take place in real life. Would you really expect your guy to accept his mistakes and say sorry with a big gesture? Come on who are we kidding to! In real life, people don’t even believe if they were wrong or unfair.

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A Rainy Scene

Rain is not just a natural phenomenon but a thing that connects to the feelings growing inside a person’s heart. Writers of rom-com flicks make proper use of this fact and ensure to apply it in their story. In fact, a rainy scene implicates the moment that bring the protagonists closer.

Female Protagonist with A Nice Job

This is the era of cutting-edge competition and yet the innocent female lead manages to grab a noteworthy job. In addition, she is managing her life style quite perfectly. I won’t say that naïve girls can’t get good jobs. It’s just that it’s not easy to maintain a similar routine with the salary people are offered in respective jobs.

Jaw-dropping Makeovers

Surprising Makeovers

You might have seen the drastically amazing makeover of Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries. It’s not just the story of this entertaining rom-com flick. In fact, surprising makeovers are the parts of a plenty of romantic comedy movies.

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Repressed Emotions

There exist these common things because there is a simple logic of all romantic comedy movies. Protagonists consume almost the entire first half to forget the hatred between them and become friends. And, the other half includes love budding, a misunderstanding and realization of true feelings for each other.

Love at the Airport

Airport Scenes in Movies

An airport is one of the most common things in all romantic comedy movies. As per some romantic comedy flicks, an airport is the best place to open up about your true feelings for someone. Protagonists wait for each other to express their love throughout the movie. Then out of nowhere, one of them decides to leave the city or country. That’s when the other person heads to airport and offer a love proposal in a public place.

So, this was the list of some common things that we get to watch in all romantic comedy movies. Even though, most romantic comedy movies have similar story lines, but some of them are actually great to watch. Well, at least once in a while! Yet, there are certain factors in these movies that are endlessly annoying. Which point do you agree with from the list? Feel free to elaborate your point of view in the comment section below.

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