5 Best Indian Web Series You Should Book for Your Weekend Binge

5 Best Indian Web Series You Should Book for Your Weekend Binge

When it comes to spending a nice long weekend, people either plan a trip or go to clubs to freshen up. And, here I am having a consistent habit of indulging myself in binge-watching the latest Indian web series. I am not the kind of person who sticks to the TV for random time killing. Although, there are several great options that deserve your precious time and attention. Besides, some entertainment platforms such as ZEE5 offer a wide range of series in different genres.

There are more than a thousand reasons to like and watch web series. Other than great stories, these are relatively shorter than ordinary TV shows. In addition to this, you can always encounter fresh concepts through them. Not to mention, this revolutionary trend of internet shows is the reason why our industry has successfully moved on from the tradition of decade-long soap operas. In this post, I will list out some of the best Indian web series that you can consider binge-watching after a tiring week:

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Kaafir - 5 Best Indian Web Series You Should Book for Your Weekend Binge

Here is another noticeable advantage of web series! Many actors who are missed at the silver screen are encountered on these internet shows playing memorable roles which justifies their talent. Kaafir is the story of a woman from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir who crosses over to India by mistake and falls prey to bad luck. The series is surely a worth watch for the fans of Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina.

The Final Call

I don’t understand why someone would splurge money on watching movies in theatres when there is a sufficient dose of thrill just a few clicks away. The Final Call is one of those best Indian web series that can send chills down your spine right after the first episode. The amazing series is based on Priya Kumar’s novel ‘I Will Go with You’. It revolves around a flight from Mumbai to Sydney whose captain decides to kill himself on board. The show involves renowned faces including Arjun Rampal, Sakshi Tanwar and Harshad Arora.


Bombers - 5 Best Indian Web Series You Should Book for Your Weekend Binge

60 Years of television in India and yet we have never come across such a vivid show concept. Anything TV has ever served for sports fans is just match telecasts and nothing else. Thanks to the invention of the best Indian web series, now there is a sports fiction you will absolutely love to watch. Bombers showcase a binding story of the players who are trying to save a community ground from a minister. The story takes an unexpected turn after a bus accident kills most of the team players.

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Indian web shows have the capability to keep you bound from your screens and leave you wanting for more. Skyfire is one such Indian web series in sci-fi thriller genre specifically made to challenge your admiration for western web shows. Starring Prateik Babbar and Sonal Chauhan, Skyfire is the story of a journalist and historian and their joint venture. They are trying to find out the reason behind the disappearance of slum children amidst natural calamities in the country.


Rejctx - 5 Best Indian Web Series You Should Book for Your Weekend Binge

Generally, rejection is devastating but it is a crucial part of every success story. RejctX is the story of some youngsters who belong to lower-middle-class families. They are not happy with the hitches they have to confront every day. They decide to form a rap band where they will get to take their frustration out. The story might seem like Zoya Akhtar’s Gullyboys. But, theirs is so much more for you to explore in this latest web show.

If you are looking for the best Indian web-series, then this list will help you commence a new experience. In addition, you would also like to analyze that the Indian entertainment industry is all set to open itself for possibilities and great expectations.

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