8 Reasons Why People Don't Like Reality TV Shows Anymore

8 Reasons Why People Don’t Like Reality TV Shows Anymore

There was a time when people used to call television the idiot box. Now that few decades have passed since its invention, it has become much more than that. Television now seems like a part of our lives. Thanks to the expansion of TV industry, viewers can navigate through a variety of shows at the ease of a click. And, reality TV shows are one of them. Our today’s post is basically about it.

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In last two decades, plenty of reality TV shows have marked their presence amongst viewers. Such shows are like the perfect cocktail of competition, drama, surprises and unique challenges. Some of them are actually interesting whereas some of them aren’t very impressive. Although, there are certain things that you can find in all reality shows. Here is a list of some common things that viewers get to see in all reality TV shows:

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Screaming & Cursing

People Yelling in Reality TV Shows

After analyzing few series of reality tv shows, I can conclude that abusive words and fights are the bases of these shows. Contestants in these shows yell mostly for lame reasons. It happens right after when everything is going well. When a challenge starts or a controversial topic rises, people commence an argument. That argument will change into screams and cursing before you know.

Rule Breaking

Incidents of rule breaking takes place in reality tv shows with specific regulations. Besides, some participants are always ready to cross the paths to go through a given task. For example; Big Boss is a show where contestants are not allowed to take a nap throughout the day. But, housemates don’t follow the rule properly.

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Extreme Melodrama

Woman Crying in Reality TV Shows

Even though, these are reality based show but drama is a crucial element of such shows. Through some selected sequences, producers try to gain the sympathy of viewers. In order to achieve that, they showcase the emotional sides of participants. In fact, people crying after fighting or discussing something is very common in reality shows.

Good vs Evil

Usually, there are two or more teams in these shows. There will be a team who is always ready to try different things to take another team down. Then, there is opponent team where everyone pretends to be naïve and nice.

‘Out of the World’ Challenges

Weird Challenges in Reality TV Shows

Roadies, Splitsvilla and fear factor are some of the shows that give participants the toughest challenges. Their list of weird challenges includes eating bugs, sticking the face in a box filled with cockroaches and jumping from a high building or cliff. I find them horrifying and I don’t understand why they call it entertainment.

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Twist & Turns

There is one thing about reality TV shows that I never get their rules and regulations. Literally! One day, there nomination process is for eliminating people and the next time is all about selecting the captain. In addition to this, the procedure of bringing a wild card entry is a universal thing in all reality shows.

Offended Host/Judges

Judges in Reality TV Shows

Sometimes, contestants get into awkward arguments with the host or the judges of the show in order to make their point clear. It may not be an exciting moment for some viewers but producers make ample use of such situations to earn TRPs.

Extremely Hyped Finales (The Grand Finales)

Whether it’s a stunt show or a talent hunt; producers always try to exaggerate the finale. They get the location decorated in the best way possible and celebs are invited to spice it up. Unnecessary performances by eliminated contestants are also a part of hyped finales.

Reality TV Shows Grand Finale

Needless to say, most of these reality TV shows have a definite plot and participants act according to it. Yet, some people like to spend their weekend watching them. Whereas, some people find them annoying and prefer boycotting them completely. What do you think about it?

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