8 Common Things that Happen in All Superhero Movies

8 Common Things that Happen in All Superhero Movies

So, the Marvel Studio is all set with the upcoming release of two of the most awaited movies of 2019 including the Captain Marvel and the Avengers Endgame. Honestly, I am a huge fan of superhero movies and have spent significant time of my life in watching some of the most popular blockbusters. Not only have I enjoyed the action but also noticed several common things that happen in all superhero movies.  That’s what I am going to discuss about in this post.

No matter how different kinds of powers these imaginary heroes possess but almost all of these movies end up being quite similar in one way or other. From the protagonist to the female lead and the antagonist, everything just manages to match in most of these sci fi flicks. In fact, most of the superhero characters can be compared only on the basis of their costumes or types of powers. Otherwise, they go through the same stuff usually. Let’s take a view at the list of some common things that we have seen in all superhero movies.

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The ‘Soon to be superhero’ is either a genius who always wears glasses.

Peter Parker - 8 Common Things that Happen in All Superhero Movies

When it comes to listing out the common things in all superhero movies, this one always stays at the top. The movie introduces us with a guy who is extremely intelligent and more like a nerd. Besides, all of them are mostly science enthusiasts to their very core. Ooh! Let’s not forget the glasses that they wear because they all have a bad eye sight or something.

Our superhero requires a horrific tragedy in order to transform into something unearthly.

Iron Man - 8 Common Things that Happen in All Superhero Movies

How many of you remember the first Spider Man movie? We have witnessed how Peter Parker pulls himself together after his uncle’s death. That’s the moment when he decides to fight the negative forces out there. Now recall any other superhero movie and think of the scene right before the oblivious transformation. It seems like all of them need a tragedy to occur so they can fully transform themselves into someone completely unbelievable.

Heroes and Villains Get Caught in A Science Experiment.

Bruce Banner - 8 Common Things that Happen in All Superhero Movies

There are few obvious common things in all superhero movies that bring the story ahead. This is certainly one of those things. Either the hero or the villain get caught in an experiment taking place in a laboratory. I wonder why I have never experienced something similar during my time in science labs.

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Our Heroes Use Their Powers to Meet Their Dream Girls.

Emma Stone in Spider Man - 8 Common Things that Happen in All Superhero Movies

The love angle is also one of the common things we get to watch in all superhero movies. So, there is a gorgeous girl who our hero s having huge crush on. They meet and do a little chit chat. But, the hero needs to use his alter ego in order to move the relationship ahead.

Cops Never Seem to Believe the Superhero.

The challenge with the city cops is also one of the common things in all superhero movies. We have seen that the cops of the town don’t really like the superhero at first and they share a rather bitter sort of relationship. Although, things get better as the time moves ahead.

The Girl Gets Kidnapped right After the Lovers Confess Their Love to Each Other.

Kristen Dunst - 8 Common Things that Happen in All Superhero Movies

There is a strong reason why people notice common things in all superhero movies they watch. The storyline remains like a constant factor in all these flicks. Both the protagonists come close to each other and confess their feelings. That’s when the villain decides to kidnap the girl in order to arrange a fight with the hero.

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The Hero Gets Hurt A Lot, Literally!

Thor Ragnarok Fight Scene - 8 Common Things that Happen in All Superhero Movies

In this part, we witness a fight between the good and the bad along with few jaw dropping scenes. In addition to this, the hero seems to get weaker in this particular part of the movie. Probably, that’s why the villain beats the hell of the hero as long as he wishes to do so. In fact, such fight sequences are among the common things we watch in all horror movies.

The Villain Somehow Ends Up with The Defeat.

Last but not the least! No matter how strong the villain is, he is destined to confront the defeat. Although, the ending of the Avengers Infinity War was rather different. But, they are bringing another part of it and they are going to repeat the same thing in that one again. So, we are back with the monotonous movie endings once again.

Even though, there are plenty of common things in all popular superhero movies but still we can never stop watching them. Let’s face it! It’s kind of exciting to see how being on the positive side always gives you the plus points no matter how strong your opponent is. I hope you liked this list and I will be back soon with another listicle from the entertainment arena.

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