The Big Bang Theory: 11 Things Fans Will Miss After It Ends

The Big Bang Theory: 11 Things Fans Will Miss After the End

So, the Big Bang Theory is all set to say goodbye to its fans after the completion of its 12th season that has hit the TV screens already. The show has been loved and hated by millions of people ever since it started. The fun series has accomplished a remarkably long journey of almost 11 years. Therefore, it seems quite hard to bid goodbye to the characters we have been admiring for such a long time.

Created by Chuck Lorre and his talented team, the show is about a group of genius guys and their girls. There are like thousands of reasons that will make you watch the Big Bang Theory every single day of life. But, what makes the show special is the variation of all characters and frequent guest appearances by famous celebrities from Hollywood.

I am not going to elaborate my entire fandom in a single post. So, let’s get back to the point and discuss what the post is about. Whether it’s Sheldon’s Knocking, Howard’s Clothing or the sweet relationship of Leonard and Penny; viewers admire those things from the bottom of their heart. In fact, there are many other things that people will be missing after the show ends. Let’s have a look at the list of things that fans will miss after the show goes off air after its 12th season:

The Crazy and Quirky Bonding Among All Friends

A group of friends - The Big Bang Theory

This wonderfully colorful show taught us that friendship doesn’t ask for specifications and requirements. It’s all about embracing all weird and awesome traits of a person no matter what. Leonard, Howard, Rajesh and Sheldon are completely different from each other and yet they are friends. Besides, they are always ready to welcome a new member in their group delightfully.

Out-of-the World Regulations of Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper - Jim Parsons - The Big Bang Theory 11 Things Fans Will Miss After It Ends

And, who can forget the ‘Sheldon Cooper’? I would like to call him the soul of The Big Bang Theory simply because he is simply out of this world. He is a genius who completed his Ph.D. in a very early age and is obsessed about physics and hygiene. He is adorable and annoying at the same time. That’s why Amy loves him so much.

The Cool and Classy Side of Nerds

Nerds are mistaken as bookworm and introvert most of the times. Thanks to The Big Bang Theory that proved it wrong. All the guys might be nerd but they just love video games, comic books and fun activities. It is so fun to see them go over the board for famous franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek and Marvels.

The Fun Relationship of Penny, Bernadette and Amy

Penny, Bernadette and Amy - The Big Bang Theory 11 Things Fans Will Miss After It Ends

Three girls from different backgrounds, life styles and hobbies become besties and do all the fun together. They help each other with their relationship issues and work problems while sitting together or during girls’ nights. Above all I just can’t forget their trip to Las Vegas where Bernadette and Amy go gaga in the strip club.

The Amazingly Sad Stuart And His Ways

Stuart - The Big Bang Theory 11 Things Fans Will Miss After It Ends

I still can’t understand the character of Stuart. In earlier seasons, he was cool and interesting. But then, writers made his character quite sad and underrated. Even after that, Stuart managed to create his mark in the group.

The ‘Made for Each Other’ Sheldon and Amy

The amazing relationship of Sheldon and Amy tells us that there is hope for everyone. You don’t have to be attractive or reach in order to find your soul mate. Having faith in destiny is the easiest way to go on. They have so much in common and they also fight a lot. And yet, they are always together and connected to each other by heart.

Awkward Struggles by Raj to get Along With Women

Raj - The Big Bang Theory 11 Things Fans Will Miss After It Ends

Rajesh’s inability to talk to women without having alcohol is the highlight of The Big Bang theory. In fact, he didn’t even know that he could talk to women after drinking alcohol in earlier episodes. Later on in season 7, a magic happened when Raj realized that he doesn’t need alcohol to talk to women anymore.

Fun Ways to Deal With Horrific Problems of Life

The Big Bang Theory

There is a moment in the show where a fellow Worker Kripke ruins the Radio show where Sheldon was a guest. He was utterly humiliated but gets the inspiration from Rajesh and Leonard. That’s when he plans his ultimate revenge for the mean guy. There have been many moments that explain the importance of dealing with problems in a peaceful manner.

Frequent Mention of Actual Facts and Hilarious Science Jokes

The Big Bang Theory has created a wide fan base all around the world. People like to watch this popular show not just for funny science jokes but also for the actual facts. In fact, some fans claim that the show made it easy for them to understand the science. Fascinating it is! Not to forget the frequent guest appearances by some of the most famous Hollywood celebs.

All Loving Mommies (Especially Leonard’s Mother)

Sheldon and Leonard's Mothers - The Big Bang Theory

Mommies love their kids irrespective of their quirks and unlikely habits. The big Bang Theory is a clear proof of this fact. Leonard’s mother Mrs. Hofstadter is fond of her son but never expresses due to her exceptionally analytic behavior. On the other hand, Sheldon’s mother Mrs. Cooper is so protective about her son and also knows how to handle him.

The Friendship, Relationship and Roommate Agreements

Our dear Sheldon Shelly Cooper is particular about his routine. He never allows anyone to affect his everyday life and therefore keeps an agreement. He has his own rules regarding his friendship with others and a roommate agreement with Leonard. Other than this, he also prepared a relationship agreement for Amy and she accepted all T&Cs favorably.

No matter it’s something good or bad; everything has to meet an end. That’s the only way possible to maintain the balance and a clear reality of life. Besides everything, there are several things that viewers expect to get changed in the ongoing season of The Big Bang Theory. I’ve heard that this season is full of revelations, surprises and pleasant changes. So, let’s see. I am really hoping for the best.


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