Top 5 Indian Web Series You Shouldn’t Miss

Top 5 Indian Web Series You Shouldn’t Miss

In recent years, the preferences of Indian audience have remarkably changed in terms of movies and television. Instead of typical drama, tragedy and action, people want to watch something that connects to their own lives and the same goes for the television. Indian television has been offering a variety of shows but somehow the concept or say the storyline is pretty much stagnant.

Thanks to this internet era, where everything is just a few clicks away and the concept of web series is also an invention of this era. In past few years, Indian web series have gained noticeable popularity among the viewers. Probably, this is the reason why well-known faces from Bollywood are keenly becoming part of web series. In this post, I will list out some of the best Indian web series that you can’t afford to miss:

  1. Permanent Roommates

TVF Permanent Roommates

Long distance relationships are complicated sometimes. But, things get way too complicated when boyfriend comes back all the way from the United States and asks you to marry in front of building sweepers. Permanent Roommate by TVF is the story of two people who are happy with their long distance relationship and the guy decides to leave his job in US and take their relationship to another level.

Not only is the series an ample dose of humor but it also introduces you with the amazing characters like Leo and Purushottam Ji. The series has two successful seasons and fans are keenly waiting for the third season.

  1. Man’s World

Men's World Web Series

YRF has been ruling the entertainment industry for many decades and now the team is up with its innovative ideas and unconventional stories. Popular Indian web series Man’s World by YRF is a perfect blend of an ignored social problem along with humor and sarcasm. This series tells the story of a guy who is frustrated by the ways society treats men and women.

After a bad day, he feels that the world is all about feminism and prays to god to change the situations of men and women. From next day onwards, he experiences various levels of life in women’s shoe.

  1. Life Sahi Hai

Life Sahi Hai Web Series

Life Sahi Hai is another Indian comedy web series from the makers of ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama’. If you have seen the movie and liked it, then you are surely going to love this series that revolves around 4 friends living in an apartment.

It doesn’t have any complicated plot but the events showcase various issues that bachelors confront in their everyday routine. The series has only 1 season and we really want the makers to come up with another season soon.

  1. Pitchers

TVF Pitchers

Are you sick of living the life of a corporate slave and wish to escape this monotony. If yes, then this Indian web series is totally about you. Pitchers by TVF is the story of a guy who with his team decides to leave the job and commence a startup. They resign in their respective companies and get together for the venture but things get really messy when they try to find a financer.

Somehow, they manage to find a genuine financer but they get to know that a hacker has stolen their idea. This inspiring web series tells that what it takes to come out of comfort zone and make a difference.

  1. Tripling

TVF Trippling

Have you ever been on a road trip with your siblings? If your answer is no, then this series will give you a reason to go for it. Tripling by TVF is the story of Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan. Chandan comes back from US to India after divorcing his wife and leaving the job. In India, he meets his younger brother Chitvan who is a DJ in a club. They both decide to visit their sister Chanchal in Rajasthan.

After reaching to their sister’s house, they get to know that her in-laws have arranged a celebration for her pregnancy. Later, Chanchal reveals that she is not pregnant and not happy with her marriage life either. During the trip, siblings get closer to each other as they learn how shallow their lives are.

This is the list of Indian web series that I liked the most. I am sure you are going to enjoy these shows too. Have you been watching any web series and you liked it? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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