10 Best Countries for Food And Their Finest Delicacies in the World

10 Best Countries for Food And Their Finest Delicacies in the World

They say, ‘Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s the nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.’ There are millions of popular sayings that contemplate the importance of good food and its significance in social life. There is no better way to connecting with people through serving delightful delicacies on a dining table. In fact, most people consider a nice dining arrangement as a sign of extreme respect and heart-warming welcome.

Our world is comprised of total 195 countries and all of them have a varying lifestyle. Thanks to globalization, people these days enjoy getting along with various cultures and food is a major part of this practice. In this post, we will list out some of the best countries for food which are known for offering the finest delicacies in the world:

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Indian food Platter

Whenever it comes to Indian food, I have this plethora of details running into my mind. Being an Indian, I know what it’s like to have tasted almost every single delicacy of the country known specifically for its versatility. Even though I can write a whole new book on Indian book but that’s not what I am going to do here.

Let’s begin with Paneer (cottage cheese) which is widely used in making some of the most delicious dishes including desserts. We use it to make Shahi Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, Malai Kofta and more. Then, we have Aloo gobhi (A snacky and spicy combination of Potato and Cauliflower). Besides all this, there is Rajma Chawal (Kidney bean curry with boiled rice) that I can literally every day for my entire life. Just saying! Gulab jamun, jalebi, Gajar Halwa and Kheer are some sweet dishes anyone would love to try.


Italian Food Platter

The legacy of Italian food is not limited to just Pasta and Pizza. There is a whole broad range of dishes that makes Italy one of the best countries for food in the world. Not to mention, Italian food is not just about the taste but also about the colors and textures on your plate. Tomato and olive oil are the key ingredients in Italian food but you get to enjoy a fusion of flavors in it.

Italian food offers you different versions of pizza covering Quattro Formaggi, Margherita and Speck e Mascarpone. In pastas, they offer Pesto, Carbonara, Amatriciana and more. Then, there is Pana cotta which is a red-berry jam dessert with a significant addition of cream.


Greek Food Platter

There is so much that Greek food can offer you to try but traditional options are certainly the best picks. I would lie to commence with the most famous conventional fast food – Souvlaki. You can find it anywhere in Greece and it wouldn’t even cost you much. It is a marinated pork dish in which they fry the meat on a grill so that all the flavors reach up to the core of it.

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Apart from Souvlaki, you can also give a shot to Mousaka, an eggplant/potato dish with ground meat. The texture is quite similar to lasagna. And, you can forget the very obvious Greek Salad which is basically just salad in Greece.


Japanese Sushi Food Platter

Japan is a country of hard work and motivation. The good thing is that you can find the same essence in their food as well. This great place is known for introducing with the world its raw fish Sushi dish. Interestingly, it’s not just the Sushi that brings Japan in the list of the best countries for food in the world. There are plenty of other things to explore.

Japanese delicacies have different kinds of noodles such as Udon and Soba, Wagashi sweets, deep-fried pork cutlets (Tonkatsu) and Unagi eel. Then they have Sake, a rice wine which is usually served hot.


Chinese Food Platter

Finding Chinese cuisines is not a very tough task as it is available almost everywhere. But, there is a difference because you cannot get authentic Chinese dishes in any random restaurant. The usual Chinese food is mostly hot and spicy. So, they serve soy puff in their meal to cover up for all the ‘tongue burns’. Moreover, they offer tofu that they fry along with spice to make it an ultimate part of their meal.

Aside from soy puff and tofu, noodles are also a prominent part of Chinese food. In China, they make noodles in probably thousands of different styles and flavors.


Mexican Food Platter

If there’s anything that I personally admire other than Indian meals, it’s the charisma of Mexican food. Mexico is a country of colorful culture and versatility. Even though the country is well-known for nachos and tacos, but there are many other things Mexican food gives you to try. I will begin with Chili con Carne which is a spicy meat-based soup. They have Guacamole (avocado dip), Quesadilla (meat, beans and avocado wrap) and Enchiladas (Mexican lasagna).

I believe it’s the Empanada (flakey pastry with meat stuffing) that has brought Mexico in the list of the best countries for food in the world.

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American Food Platter

The USA may not have a rich history of cuisines but it surely is one of the best countries for food in the world. It’s because they provide complete innovation and variety in their food. From classic burger to classy pudding, you can find almost everything in this amazing country. Let’s not forget about the meatloaf.

In addition to this, the USA is famous for Mac and choose, Caesar Salad (Iceberg salad along with grilled chicken and Parmesan cheese) and the very delicious cheesecake.


Thai Food Platter

Most people confuse Thai food with Chinese delicacies. On the contrary, both these countries have many different cooking methods and specialties. Thai food has rice as the main ingredient with savory fish sauce and hot chilli. In Thai cuisines, you can try Tom Yam Goong (shrimp soup with lemon grass, kalgan, laim and cream). Besides, they have commonly popular Pad thai and green Papaya salad.


Montenegro Food Platter

A meal that delivers the combination of different cultures is certainly the best. So is with Montenegrin dishes in which you can experience French, Russian and Italian flavors. When you are new here, you can begin with corn flavor dish Polenta. Then, there is grilled pepper with meat and vegetable stuffing along with cream sauce. Besides this, you can enjoy meat mixture dish Plieskavista and salted cottage cream skorup.


Swiss Food Platter

Not to mention that Switzerland is popular for its serene landscape beauty and sweets. Apparently, people have no idea about the lip-smacking food they can get to enjoy in this dreamland. Swiss food showcases the blend of French, German and Italian cultures. Therefore, it is one of the best countries for food in the world. They serve La Fondue (bread and melted cheese dip), La Longeole (pork and fennel sausage) and Les Rostis (roasted potatoes).

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All these countries for the best food that I have mentioned here are widely popular in the world. Not to forget that there are some places with great delicacies which have not received much recognition yet. Other than these countries, Ukraine, Sweden and Australia are also famous for their uniquely cooked dishes. Next time, we will throw light on such unknown places where you can find the best dishes with an unforgettable taste.

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