10 Hardest Recipes in the World Challenging Chefs Love to Cook

10 Hardest Recipes in the World Challenging Chefs Love to Cook

‘Cooking is love made visible.’ This quote clearly showcases the significance of cooking skills. Most of us are passionate about food but not everyone can cook so well. I have been trying to make Spanish omelet for past two weeks but it just doesn’t fulfill my expectations. Although, it’s not one of the hardest recipes in the world. to be fair, the recipe is all about frying potatoes and onions accurately so they mix nicely with eggs. Every time, I end up with a new mistake and that’s where I consider taking help. Yet, I won’t stop unless I make it exactly like its images on the Internet.

Through cooking shows only, we get to know what it’s like to be a cooking professional. Be it the Master Chef, Good Eats or any other globally famous food show. Nonetheless, the job of a chef is challenging because there is so much in cooking that only professionals can do. If you have ever seen a person toss the Rumali roti in the air, then you will understand what I am talking about. Sometimes patience and focus are the keys because some dishes that we enjoy in parties and restaurants consume a series of hours. Here is a list of some of the hardest recipes in the world that challenging chefs love to cook:

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Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska - Hardest Recipes in the World

I have a very special place for sweets in my heart. Therefore, I am beginning the list with a dessert. In my opinion, the appearance of a sweet dish is as important as its taste. Originated in US, baked Alaska dish has many different names such as bombe Alaska and flame on the iceberg. This cake and ice cream dish looks like a decorated igloo after the addition of meringue streams on top of it. So, always remember that no matter how stressed you are; you can always look up to a gorgerous sweet treat like this and your troubles will be invisible forever.


Macarons - Hardest Recipes in the World

Everytime, the holiday season is up; the first thing I think about is delicious cookies and macarons are one of them. Coated with rainbow colors and filled with either melted marshmallows or butter cream, this colorful treat can be a precious gift for anyone. On the other hand, it might sound like bragging but I always believed that I can literally survive on a different planet alone just with free wifi and an unlimited supply of tasty macarons.

Just for the head-ups, I don’t like the fact that sometimes macarons look like regular biscuit sandwiches. Yet, I love them and everybody loves them of course. The main ingredients of this colorful dessert are meringue, icing sugar, egg white, granulated sugar and ground almonds. With the use of colors and sprinkles, chefs make one of the hardest recipes in the world look even more fascinating.

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Consommé Soup - Hardest Recipes in the World

Soups have never been so hard to cook but it’s not true in case of Consommé. What looks like a clear soup is actually one of the hardest recipes in the world. It’s a difficult job for chefs because of the complex cooking method used in the making of this soup. The procedure includes simmering of stock and raft creation that appears at the top in Consommé soup. To be honest, soup will always be the last thing on my dinner choice even if I am on a diet. But, this special pick sells itself and now we all know why.


Chicken Galantine - Hardest Recipes in the World

There are certain recipes that surprise with their unique appearance and galantine is one of them. It is a French dish with boneless meat or fish as the main ingredients. Chefs cook the stuffed meat and coat it with aspic jelly and then serve it in cylindrical shapes. Only cooks know how long does it take to stuff, poach and coat the boneless meat!

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Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a heavenly treat for those who love steak. Basically, it is the fillet steak with coatings of duxelles and pate. Once the steak is ready, they wrap it up in a puff pastry and then bake it again. This dish does look quite simple but requires proper focus and time for preparation.


Paella - Hardest Recipes in the World

You can ask any random food lover what types of dishes they like the most? The answer will be a rice dish. Originally from Spain, Paella is a popular Valencian rice dish. The main ingredients of Paella dish encompass white rice, meat or chicken, snails, white beans and green beans along with saffron seasoning. Those who love sea food prefer Paella with shrimps, lobsters and snails.

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How to mix various types of meat and prepare a perfect dish out of it? It is not just a question but an impeccable cooking skill that only chefs acquire. Turducken word is actually a mixed acronym of turkey, duck and chicken. They begin the procedure with stuffing boneless chicken in a duck. And then, that duck is stuffed in a turkey. That’s how you get the ultimate turducken dish.



Things that seem regular and easy are often complex and soufflé is one such example of it. The origination of this egg-bake dish is France which I believe is the land of vivid creativity. Though, it doesn’t require too many ingredients but the procedure is nowhere around simple. This is the reason why it holds a place in the list of the hardest recipes in the world.

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Coq Au Vin

Coq Au Vin - Hardest Recipes in the World

Another popular chicken dish from France which is not an easy going task for chefs! I personally love this cuisine as chicken and red wine are the core ingredients of this mouth-watering dish. They use the wine to slowly simmer the chicken. Besides, they also use mushrooms and pearl onions for seasoning.

Chiles En Nogada

Chiles en Nogada - Hardest Recipes in the World

Last but not the least! If there is anything after Indian delicacies that I personally admire, it obviously is the Mexican food. There is a variety of dishes but nothing can compete with the sizzling taste of Mexican cuisines. Chiles En Nogada is a Mexican dish in which spicy meat is stuffed in Poblano chiles. Nogada sauce and pomegranate seeds are the parts of final seasoning. After proper seasoning and plating, the dish looks like a snow on a forest. Moreover, the sprinkles of pomegranate tantalize the entire appearance of this dish.

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So, this was a defined list of some of the hardest recipes in the world. Even though, most of these dishes are difficult to prepare but all of them are indeed lip-smacking. Moreover, if you are confident enough to try these exquisite cuisines at home, you can surely give them a shot. No matter how many attemps go wrong, just keep trying untill you get exactly what you wanted on your plate. This is what I am planning on doing with my Spanish omelet. Because, we all know that the practice of few times can bring the desired outcome.


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