11 Annoying Habits of Indian Husbands Women Hate Dealing with

11 Annoying Habits of Indian Husbands Women Hate Dealing with

‘A strong marriage requires two people who choose to love each other even on those days when they struggle to like each other.’ This quote represents that marriage is a two-way street and it takes patience and forgiveness to make things work. A marriage can also be described as a struggle if your partner is unnecessarily annoying. If we talk about Indian marriages, it’s usually the wife who goes through the struggle. Thanks to the Indian Husbands and their unique habits.

I would not claim that all Indian guys are like that but most Indian husbands don’t miss a chance to annoy their wives. They don’t do it on purpose but it’s in their nature to be so careless that they leave every responsibility on their wives. Due to some biased societal norms, Indian girls are raised to be quite tolerant. But some activities of their husbands are way out of the line. In this post, I have listed out some annoying habits of Indian husbands women just hate dealing with:

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They throw their stuff literally anywhere

Cluttered room - 11 Annoying Habits of Indian Husbands Women Hate Dealing with

The impact of patriarchal culture will always be there in Indian guys no matter how literate and well-behaved they are. I am not going to drag down the actual guys in this discussion by the way! But literally, some men think that the entire house is their kingdom and they can do whatever they want in a manner of their choice. It’s like, no one else lives in the house or something.

You call them a hundred times, they will notice one time

Have you heard of selective hearing? Well, it’s an art that Indian husbands have mastered. They will listen to you only when they would want to listen. They will completely ignore or pretend to forget what they don’t want to hear about. You know what guys, it’s not a good thing!

The bed is the right place for a wet towel in their assumption

So, that’s how the scene begins! He will come out of the bathroom walking like a king entering his kingdom. Then, he will take off his towel and throw it on the bed like it is the only right place for a wet towel. This is the most common picture of an ordinary household in India that every Indian woman faces in the morning. The habit is insanely irritating and all the guys reading this post are warmly requested not to do that because it makes no sense at all. It doesn’t take much time to hang it in the bathroom or somewhere else.

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They choose the toilet for recreational activities

Using phone in toilet - 11 Annoying Habits of Indian Husbands Women Hate Dealing with

Normal people use the toilet to freshen up but Indian husbands have a different theory for this as well. They will bring magazines or even their phones to toilets and pass their time. At some point, wives stop giving a damn about what their hubbies do in toilets. But, at some point, the blockage of this facility is a problem because other people use it too.

They truly believe that they look like a movie star

Indian husbands have several qualities which are hard to find in other men around the world. With a dense beard and mustache, they see themselves as a Hollywood hunk. Having confidence is good enough but it should never reach a level where you start to dominate others. It begins to happen when you believe that you are commendably awesome and people around you just don’t deserve you. Don’t be mean at least to your wife, guys!

They think they roar but they actually snore

Husband snoring - 11 Annoying Habits of Indian Husbands Women Hate Dealing with

Spoiler alert! Most Indian husbands snore a lot. Not only do they snore but they are ordinarily proud of it. I have seen some people claiming, it’s not snoring honey; it’s the roaring’. Why not? After all, they are self-proclaimed tigers.

They will forget everything you ask them to do

Usually, women ask their husbands to fetch up some stuff from the supermarket while coming back from work. Indian women buy most of the stuff all by themselves because Indian husbands forget to do so. Maybe, they like to forget everything their wives ask them to do.

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Most of the time, they are dramatically mama’s boy

Mama's boy - 11 Annoying Habits of Indian Husbands Women Hate Dealing with

You prepare meals for them, wash their dirty clothes and arrange everything they need in everyday life. And yet, Indian husbands pretend that their mother is the only woman on this planet who treats them well. It’s extremely annoying when they behave like a small child in front of their kids. Trust me, grown-ups just don’t look good in those gestures.

They order snacks, beverage and other things on the bed

Lazy husbands - 11 Annoying Habits of Indian Husbands Women Hate Dealing with

So, it’s Sunday and they want to spend it like it’s literally the last day of their life. They want special cuisines and treatment on holidays. The bed or the couch is their throne where they sit all day and order snacks and beverages of their choice. Like, there is no Sunday for their wives.

They believe that they struggle way too much

Indian husbands never miss the opportunity to show how much struggle they go through. It’s true that life isn’t easy these days and people do work hard to earn the daily bread and butter. But, they almost never recognize the dedication of their wives especially if they are house organizers.

They don’t understand what they don’t want to understand

Understanding Issues in Marriages - 11 Annoying Habits of Indian Husbands Women Hate Dealing with

Just like selecting hearing, Indian husbands are also known for their selective understanding. No matter what you tell them or explain; they will have their own opinions. They blame their wife to be dominating but they never reveal how stubborn and carefree they are.

So, these are the habits of Indian husbands that totally drive their wives crazy. And, yet they have enough courage to make jokes on their wives and disrespect them in front of their friends and colleagues. These are just a few habits and I am sure there are more such habits that I might be missing here. There is a simple message that I want to share with every Indian guy. Women work so hard to organize the house and all they expect from you is little help, respect, and appreciation because we deserve it.

What do you think of this post? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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