Types of Female Friends All Girls Have

14 Types of Female Friends All Girls Have

From the beginning of schooling life, we make like thousands of friends in our life. Some of them stay in touch while some of them either shift or leave the city for further studies. But during this period, we get to meet so many types of female friends that make our life fun and colorful. In this post, we will take a look at the various types of female friends we all girls have:

The Relationship Expert

In a circle of female friends, there will be a girl who is capable of giving genuine relationship advice. You just need to tell her various signs of your crush/boyfriend and she is there with her analyzed report of the current relationship status. If needed, she would warn you about the bad guys around you. Such friends usually react like the mommy of the group.

The Shopping Maniac

Shopping Maniac Female Friends

I am not sure about other types of female friends, but every friend circle has a shopping maniac. Whether there is an upcoming party or a show, the first thing she would do is shopping. In fact, online window shopping is what she prefers to do while taking a break at work.

The Fitness Fanatic

She will notify you if she notices chubs in your body. If you ignore her words, there are chances that she will give you an unexpected lecture on fitness regime and its importance. Moreover, she orders very carefully when you hang out with her in a restaurant.

The Photo Freak

Selfie Freak Female Friends

Photo freaks and especially selfie freak friends will test your patience. They will click like millions of pictures everywhere they go no matter how many times they’ve visited that place. Honestly, I don’t spend much time with such friends, otherwise a vein in my head will pop out.

The “Lover” Friend

I have a female friend like this. A lover friend is basically straight but she reacts like a homosexual friend. She would give you a warm hug along every time you will meet her and will say bye with a peck on your cheeks. Isn’t it cute?

The Caretaker

Caring Female Friends

She will take care of you throughout the day without even complaining about it. In fact, this type of female friends are the sweetest. I find myself extremely lucky to have had such friends during my college time.

The Omniscient

Some self-proclaimed omniscient girls fall under the category of irritating types of female friends. A friend with this quality will pretend that she knows everything about everything. Besides, she perceives that you must trust no one but her.

The Study Lover

Study Lover Female Friends

This type of female friend is generally found in schools and colleges. A study lover friend will be ready to skip parties and picnic just to prepare some notes. Although, if you ask her anything related to your course, she would have all possible answers for you.

The Crazy and Funny Chic

Funny and Crazy Chics

Do you remember Steven Stiffler from ‘American Pie’? A funny and crazy girl in your friend circle would be exactly like him. She is known for making a gathering much more exciting and is always ready to do something crazy with her gang.

The Tradition Follower

A traditional follower will always keep some principles and follow them dedicatedly. In addition to this, if someone tries to disrespect or challenge the tradition, she would come to the fore as an official protector of the tradition.

The Goody Goody Smug

Undoubtedly, there are some annoying types of female friends and the goody smug is one of them. She would try to be nice to everyone at all costs. She can react weird and awkward sometimes in order to make her point and prove her prominence.

The Dreamer

Dreamer Female Friends

One of the most adorable types of female friends! She doesn’t disturb you at all and rather keeps herself busy in her own dreams. She has particular dreams that she wants to pursue in future.

The Tomboy

She would have this huge selection of biker jackets, stylish boots and aviators. Besides, she never or hardly reacts like a girl and rather ensures to highlight her manly side to everyone around her.

The Soulmate

Soulmate Bestfriends Female Friends

This is the one with whom you can share and discuss anything irrespective of any hesitation. She knows almost everything about you and can always provide you with the comfort you look in terrible situations. You don’t feel bored even when you both are together and there is no talking.

Imagine a party where you can spend some time with all of them together. Sounds crazy, right! I don’t remember the exact number but I know I might have more than hundred female friends. All these types of female friends that I mentioned above are included in that giant friend circle. No matter what, they all are amazing and I truly enjoy their company (Except for the bossy one. :P).


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