3 Petrifying Horror Stories of Arranged Marriages in India

3 Petrifying Horror Stories of Arranged Marriages in India

If you are here to read something funny or exciting, then let me warn you. It’s something intense and you might find it extremely horrific if you are in a really great mood. Also, the title might seem to have an actual horror appeal with some spooky storyline and creepy incidents. It’s not that either. All the stories that you will read in this post will make you see the petrifying side of arranged marriages in India. Even though, it sounds generic and an everyday thing but it is way worse than you think it is.

Before beginning with the stories, I would like to elaborate the current status of arranged marriages in India. No matter how big things you achieve in your life, your parents will always want you to get married with someone of their choice. Well, it is the scenario with more than 60% Indians as per some social surveys. The time has changed in past few years drastically but some people don’t seem to bring any change in themselves.

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It is not necessary that all arranged marriages in India are unsuccessful but it indeed is a risky game. An arranged marriage is just like gambling on a horse without knowing its performance. If you win, you bring reward to your home. But, if you lose; you will have to pay a fortune over it. In this post, I am going to tell you some stories related to arranged marriages in India that will elaborate the consequences of this risky game:

Please Note: (all the stories that I am mentioning here are based on real life incidents. With these stories, I am just trying to enlighten the people about being cautious while choosing their life partners. I tried my best not to hurt anyone’s feelings.)

They wanted her to have a baby but then they changed

Pregnant woman - 3 Petrifying Horror Stories of Arranged Marriages in India

I heard this story from a friend who works in National Commission for Women. A few months ago, a woman of age 23 years came to file a complaint against her in-laws. She told that first 2-3 months of her arranged marriage were fine. Then her in-laws including her husband have started to force her for having a baby.

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At the 6th month of her marriage, she conceived a baby and asked her husband to get a medical opinion regarding the health of the baby. He clearly refused it by saying that it wasn’t necessary. When she reached the third trimester of her pregnancy, her in-laws asked her to move to her parents’ house because they don’t want to spend any single penny for the baby’s birth.

She was hurt to her very core for this brutality and the ignorance that his husband showed towards her. Fortunately, her parents took her to their home and started taking care of her. Now she is about to divorce her husband and wants to raise the baby on her own.

He was dreaming about an almost perfect life but he was wrong

Bad Wife - 3 Petrifying Horror Stories of Arranged Marriages in India

The curse of arranged marriages doesn’t affect only women in India. Plenty of men have also seen the worst days of their lives due to this problem. A neighbor of mine allowed his parents to choose a wife for him. She was from a small town and therefore never explored places and things. After having a baby, he suggested her to have a job and let his mother take care for the baby. Well, this is something so rare of a quality you get to find in Indian men.

But things didn’t turn out the way he thought. Her wife started having an affair with her boss and ignoring the husband. When he confronted her about the affair, she told him to zip his lips on the matter or she will file a false dowry case against his family. She has even called the police on his family once.

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She was used, cheated on and blamed to be characterless

Domestic Violence - 3 Petrifying Horror Stories of Arranged Marriages in India

Arranged marriages have a deep connection with infidelity in India. It’s the story of girl who used to work with me. She was such a cool and happy person with this great zest for life. But one day, she opened up to me and told me how the love of her life killed her soul. She married to a guy of her parents’ choice but the marriage couldn’t last even for a year.

He never took her out for a meal or a coffee in a span of one year in their married life. When asked, he always used to say that he is too shy to go out with her wife. I know it’s ridiculous! Not just this, he used her like a toy in bed irrespective of her wills. After few months, he started to torture her mentally by abusing her and her family.

But, there was something else on his mind. He was having an affair with her girl-friend even after the marriage. He even started to torture his wife to an extent so that she can leave him willingly. This way, no one will blame the guy for breaking the marriage and everyone will judge the girl. Because, that’s what happens in nice people these days. He even lied to his parents about his wife having an affair outside.

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Thankfully, the girl was smart enough to understand what was going on. She loved him from the bottom of her heart. But, staying in the relationship was of no use. Now, she lives with her family with a great job in her hands. She says that she is healing but we all understand what she must be going through.

These are the nightmares that most people have lived and still living. Why? Because society has bound them in such rules. Although, the “society” never shows up when they go through the most horrific span of their life. Arranged marriages are quite common in India. But, if you are even thinking of being a part of any such arrangement, make sure that give yourself some time to know that person completely. Don’t ruin stake your life for stupid norms set by some selfish orthodox people.

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