6 Imaginary Tools for An Awesome Life

6 Imaginary Tools for An Awesome Life

I was talking to a friend the other day about his lazy behavior on weekends. He is an IT professional by occupation and spends almost his entire weekends on his couch. We were talking and suddenly he mentioned that there should be bathing tablets for lazy people. In fact, such tablets would be useful for those who don’t like to take shower more often especially in winters.

Even though, this is mere an imagination but it made me realize that we do need such sort of tools in real life. Since, we’ve reached so far with the help of science and technology; it won’t be wrong to imagine tools that can make life easier. These amazing tools may have certain limitations but it will be the best to have such things in real life. Here goes the list:

  1. Real ctrl+Z with Given Limitations

Let’s be honest. Everyone has at least one thing in their life that they just want to undo forever. I get the urge of having ctrl+Z key in real life to mend things in past. But a regular access to anything like that can be a sabotage for humanity. Well obviously, an effortless access to past would be nothing but an awesome superpower.

Control Z Key in Real Life

If anything like this gets discovered someday, we can avoid any sort of problems by settling some limitations. For example; every individual can use this key only once in entire lifetime. Besides, they can use it only on the events where the changes don’t affect the lives of other people.

  1. Social Media Optimizer

We get to see crappy things and meet annoying people on social media. And the worst thing, it doesn’t seem to get any better. Imagine a tool that can optimize all the activities taking place on social media. It will work like a universal social media optimizer that can analyze every single activity taking place on social media.

Besides, there should be sensors to notify the overuse of a particular social media platform. Moreover, those who make limited use or don’t use social media at all should be rewarded.

  1. Periodic Stress Cleaner

If anything like this ever happens, it would be the greatest gift to the humanity by the creator. A periodic stress cleaner can surely be a stupendous innovation of the technology that can enhance the quality of living in a minimal span of time.

Stress Cleaning

Let’s consider that periodic stress cleaner would work like a car cleaning system. In addition, the system will notify the requirement and urgency of a stress cleaning session to people in their smartphones.

  1. Relationship Meter

Should I just end it or there is a colorful future ahead? This question disrupts many people in their dating phase. Imagine an analyzing meter for such queries! A device like this is going to be an ultimate boon for the whole dating concept. It will help especially those who can’t interact with people easily. A relationship meter will help dating couples understand where their relationship is going.

Nonetheless, such sort of device will help people prevent heart breaks and uncertainty along with saving lots of time. This device must also contain the dating records of an individual person.

  1. Thought Improviser

I definitely don’t want to sound mean but some people do need something to improvise their thoughts. We are all surrounded by some people who won’t stop distracting others’ lives. All I can imagine is a thought improviser tool that we can use to get the solution of this problem.

Thought Improvisation

This application will work like a psychological session during which people will be able to realize their drawbacks. All arguments aside, this tool will take a while to make things better. This is because we know that nothing works on some people except for something extraordinary.

  1. Dream Virtualizer

We see different kinds of dreams every day; some of them are scary as hell whereas some of them replicate our daily lives. Sometimes, we see a dream that we actually want to live in real life. How about considering imaginary tools that can convert such dreams into virtualization?

Imagine, you could place yourself in a virtualization where you’re having a great cup of coffee with your crush. Or maybe, you could spend the best time with your besties and garner the finest moments of your life with these tools.

I hope some of you will definitely agree with this explanatory list of imaginary tools. You can let me know about your preferences about these fantasized tools in the comment section below. Take care and stay healthy.


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