8 Common Double Standards that Actually Don't Make any Sense

8 Common Double Standards that Actually Don’t Make any Sense

Gender inequality has been a sensitive issue in our society for a very long time. Indeed, sexism and double standards are nothing but the morphed forms of this issue. Ironically, there is one good thing about common double standard mentality that it’s not partial. Whether it’s men or women, everyone is affected by it.

There are so many annoyingly baseless things that we confront every single day. But, some of them are way ahead of making sense with the reality of life. Instead, these futile concepts bring acrimony and disturbance in our daily life. In this post, you will get to know about some of the most common double standards that don’t make any sense:

  1. Single Mother Vs Single Father

Single Parents

When it comes to appreciating the efforts of single parenting, men don’t get as much appreciation and attention as women. On the other hand, there is also a support aspect which is not the same in both cases. A single mother might get support from work but not from the society. Instead, society doesn’t criticize single fathers but sometimes they don’t get relative help from their workplace.

  1. Determination of a Good Driver

Female Drivers

People say that women aren’t good drivers. They even make thousands of jokes and criticize women’s driving skills. This is really sad that all women are being judged just because of the carelessness of a single person. Can you really say that all men are amazing drivers and can never cause any road accidents? Whenever it’s about analyzing the skills of a person, gender should never be a measurement of judgement.

  1. Judgement on the Basis of Multiple Affairs

If a guy is having multiple affairs, then he is a stud. But, if a girl has been in multiple relationships, then she is unfaithful. It can easily be called as one of the most irrational common double standards. People use a plethora of different words to describe the character of a girl who is blunt. Interesting, a guy with the similar qualities is often praised for being confident and straight forward. Splendid!

  1. Evergreen Difference in Remuneration

Salary Difference

We have been witnessing the difference in remuneration for so many decades and the situation hasn’t changed even today. Whether it’s a developed country or a progressive land, skills and experience of men and women are not appraised equally. In fact, some organizations mainly hire female employees in order to save the salary cost of their company. Could this be more unjustified?

  1. Giving Compliments to Friends

Sometimes, it’s the narrow mindset that gives birth to common double standards. This problem has made things difficult and giving compliment to a friend is one of those things. If a girl appreciates the looks or qualities of her female friends, no one judges her. But, if a guy compliments his guy friend, then he will be seen as a homosexual person. Unbelievable!

  1. Seat Offering in Public Transport

Seat Offering in Public Transport

If a guy offers her seat to a girl while travelling in a public transport, then he is a gentle man. But, no one expects the same thing from a girl. Let’s see it this way; suppose an old person gets into a bus, everyone would want the guy to get up and offer the seat to him. It will make a difference only if a girl initiates to offer her seat first. Equality should be for everyone.

  1. Changing Name after Marriage

Name Change after Marriage

In patriarchal countries like India, girls have to replace their last name with their husbands’ last name after marriage. On the hand, no one asks the groom to change anything after marriage. Besides, does this name changing ritual bring any sort of positive change in women’s life? Fatefully, all rituals are made for women and it’s the rule of patriarchy.

  1. Male Bisexuality Vs Female Bisexuality

Male and Female Bisexuality

Some people find it completely normal if a woman is bisexual. But, they won’t take it well if they find out about the bisexuality of a guy. It might not be true in all cases but some homophobic people keep double standard mentality when it comes to such relationships.

Well, these are just some selected common double standards and the list is undoubtedly pretty huge. What do you think of these common double standards and which one do you think is the most disappointing fact?


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