Weirdest Jobs In the World! No. 6 Is The Worst

8 Weirdest Jobs in the World! No 6 is the worst

In today’s life, being on your own is certainly the most essential aspect of life. An average person is found to be in a love and hate relation with the job. You have got to work because that’s how you survive especially when you have the self-respect of a rock. This is the reason why we all wish to acquire a dream job. Everyone has different measures when it comes to a dream job. Moving on, dream job is not the exact thing we will be discussing today. In this post, we will take a look at some of the weirdest jobs in the world that you didn’t know existed.

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Interestingly, there exist plenty of jobs that you might be surprised to know about. Some of these jobs are insanely awesome whereas some of them are icky as hell. Yet, these occupation exist beyond your imagination or say belief. Here goes the list of some of the weirdest jobs in the world:

1. Odor Judge

So, I just started the list with a profession that i personally found quite weird. But, let’s face it! If you think about it, then you would not find the job that bad at all. There are lots of companies that produce perfumes and they require testing experts in order to approve the final product for marketing and sales. Thus, the overall job of an odor judge is to smell the armpits, breath or teeth in some cases.

2. Water Slide tester

So, this is the kind of job people would kill each other to get. Alright, not that serious! But, you just can’t avoid the fact that being a water slide tester is like the greatest job one could ever have. It is like you get paid for having fun in water. All this goodness aside, the job isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Water slide testers inspect all water slides to assure to safety and quality and they often get hurt during these inspection procedures.

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3. Professional Sleeper

I am not a typical idle person but when it comes to sleep, I can’t love anything more. Therefore, the job of a professional sleeper is more of a dream for me. Let’s move on to a brief description of the occupation. Professional sleepers help scientists in various medical researches and surveys on sleep disorders and treatments. Honestly, I would love to have a job like this Who wouldn’t, by the way!

4. Chicken Sexer

Well, if this sounds hot in your head, let me ask you to come back because it is not even closer. The job of chicken sexers involves the checking the sex of chickens. That’s it! Obviously, it is not a two-second job to identify the gender of a small creature with millions of soft goose bumps on body. This is the reason why this job exists. There is a long list of the weirdest jobs in the world but this one is quite… I don’t know!

5. Professional Mourner

There comes a situation when mourning becomes a necessity. This is not my statement but the reality that has come out of the existence of this weird occupation. Usually, people hire professional mourners in memorial services to mourn over someone’s death. In fact, the idea of the occupation is old and the concept of ‘Rudali’ is an example of it. I will explain the concept of Rudali in later posts.

6. Worm Picker

There are so many weirdest jobs in the world but I think this is the worst. I don’t hate worms but I just don’t like the feel of a worm on human skin. May be because I am not strong enough to carry one. There are people who catch different sorts of worms for science practices and numerous medical researches. Hats off to worm pickers!

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7. Body Painter

Honestly, I don’t see body painting as a weird job as long as you don’t have to create or paint something uncanny on someone’s body. Besides, not everyone can be comfortable with naked bodies and a whole bunch of colors and brushes. Anyhow, body painting is a fun occupation as you get to be a part of fashion shows, events and much more.

8. Fashion Color Namer

Whenever I go shopping and especially for makeup, different names of shades tantalize me. Well, now I know that there are professionals out there who pick such catchy names for makeup shades and are called fashion color namers. I think I can be one of them too!

So, we are at the end of our post. Hence, I will mention that not all of these jobs are weird. In fact some of these jobs are quite unusual and their pay scale is shockingly amazing. Have I missed something in this list of the weirdest jobs in the world? I welcome all your suggestions and opinions. 🙂

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