9 Psychological Facts About Breakups That Explain Lots of Things

9 Psychological Facts About Breakups That Explain Lots of Things

‘It’s sad how someone can go from being the reason you wake up smiling, to the reason you cry yourself to sleep’. I have no idea who this quote belongs to but it surely is a strong fact representing what a breakup does to a person. Breakups bring some of the gloomiest moments in our lives but it has few strings attached to the science. There are some psychological facts about breakups that explain lots of things.

Interestingly, all these facts have scientifically been proven by neuroscientists and social behavior experts in various surveys. Apparently, these surveys elaborate all the negative and painful stages that a person goes through while dealing with a breakup. Mood swings, appetite, process of moving on etc are all a part of these surveys. Here goes the list of psychological facts about breakups everyone needs to know about:

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Loss of Appetite Is Common and Temporary

Not to mention, stress is the only thing that covers your entire mind post breakup. Interestingly, these increased levels of stress boost cortisol in our body leading to the diversion of blood away from our digestive system. Therefore, loss of appetite is common and temporary as per the psychological facts about breakup.

Personality is Prone to Significant Changes After Breakups

Pain in heart and stress in brain are two extensively effective aspects that lead to personality transformation. You may not become completely different than who you are but some remarkable changes can be a possibility. In addition to this, mood swings and negative feelings remain constant in this situation.

Moving On is Just Like Quitting Smoking or Drugs

Similarity with addiction is one of the strongest psychological facts about breakups. It takes guts for a person to quit smoking or drugs. On the same hand, some people have to work really hard in order to move on from a relationship. And in both cases, it feels really amazing and lively once you move on and get over with the addiction.

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Thinking About Your Ex All Day Can Be Helpful in Moving On

We tend to think about the ex-partner all the time for few days after the breakup and it seems quite sad. According to some psychological facts about breakups, it is completely fine to think about the person you have been missing. This way, you get to understand why the end of this relationship will showcase the silver lining for your future.

Money Causes Most of the Breakups

As per some proven psychological facts about breakups, surveys have explained that money causes most of the breakups. There is a reason why most couple prefer signing up for a prenuptial before tying the knot with their partners. There are many other reasons such as infidelity and mentality issues but money is at the top.

Men Catch Physical Issues whereas Women Stick to Emotional Damages

Physical intimacy is an important part of a romantic relationship but men specifically pay attention to this. On the contrary, women stick to emotional aspects of a relationship and that’s where the problem begins. Both these things require a balance and any sort of imbalance can result in harsh breakups.

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Reading or Other Such Productive Activities Make you Feel Better

Many surveys proving psychological facts about breakups explain that productive activities can make you feel better. You can join a community or read books to engage your mind and stay away from painful thoughts. Besides, there are many other productive activities to feel better after a breakup.

Men Take Longer Than Women in Moving On

Usually, women find it almost impossible to pull themselves together after a breakup but they somehow manage to do so. On the other hand, men seem to take such situations relatively well but realize the change after a while. According to these psychological facts men take longer than women in moving on from past relationships.

Social Media Stalking May Lead to Lack of Self-esteem

Stalking an ex on social media after the breakup is so common. But as per some surveys, this might affect your self-esteem. Somewhere down the line, you remember that you are missing that other person and this will certainly make you feel bad about yourself.

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Hopefully, these psychological facts about breakups will help you understand that separation is just a phase of life. No one should ruin their life just because a person has gone from their life. We should never stop finding out the best from the worst because that’s what life is all about.

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