9 Types of Relatives We All Know

9 Types of Relatives We All Know

I went to a wedding last weekend where I got the chance to meet some of my relatives. I was excited to meet so many people after a very long time. Well obviously, it was a fun experience because my list of relatives includes people with different personalities and habits. In fact, I am not the only one having different types of relatives around.

There are certain types of relatives that you definitely have especially if you are Indian. Usually, we get to meet them in family functions but they all leave an impression on our minds. Thanks to their special personalities! Let’s have a look at the list that portrays different types of relatives we all know:

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The Melodrama Lover

The Melodrama Lover

‘I saw you ten years ago when you were a kid. And, now you are an adult.’ How is that a reason to cry out loud? Where there is a family, there is melodrama. Try your best to prevent it! There is always at least one relative who gets extremely melodramatic especially during an emotional moment.

The One Who Owns A Fortune

‘Hmm… I liked you apartment but mine is way bigger than this’. Have you heard any of your relative saying such bragging things? They pretend to be the one and only wealthy person on this planet. They own so many luxurious things and everything they have is better than yours. In short, the level of narcissism is at its best in case of these types of relatives.

The Information Broadcaster

Girls gossipping

There are so many types of relatives but this type is the most interesting one. Every family in this world is blessed with their own media person. A person who is apparently selfless to share the news amongst all kith and kins. If something unusual happens in a family, they will always stand ahead to broadcast the details. And, that too in their own colorful way!

The One Who Talks About Your Childhood

‘You used to be so adorable when you were an infant’. There is always a relative who likes to talk about your childhood. These types of relatives are not annoying at all and rather sweet. Though, this sweetness goes away when they begin to share embarrassing incidents in front of everyone.

The One Who Wants You to Get Married

Indian Matchmaking

‘Hey there! Get ready to meet the perfect guy I recently found for you. He has a great job and looks very decent.’ This is the thing that most Indian girls have heard at least once in their lifetime. Thanks to some relatives who want you to get married. Why? Because they know a single working guy. What a genuine reason to get married!

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The Geeky Superstar

I am not saying that geeks aren’t good people or anything. But they are a problem when your parents compare you with them. There is always a cousin who gets the highest marks in exams and will be a scientist or a doctor in future. This person is the reason why your parents sometimes criticize you.

The Complaining Machine

Complaining women

Some relatives are like a complaining machine with an unnatural ability to criticize every possible thing around them. From someone’s dressing style to the arrangement of a place, they target everything to bring out the negative aspects. Such legends!

The Food Lovers

These are the types of relatives who not only love food but also want others to join them. Actually, these relatives are quite cool and fun to spend time with. They don’t worry about anything and enjoy their meals to the fullest. To be honest, I am a person who falls under this category of relatives.

The Living Cash Factory

Kids getting money

This is my favorite type of relatives. LOL! When they leave your house after having brunch, they offer money to kids of the house. After showing the act of formality, they accept the money with a blast of happiness inside. Let’s face it! We have all been there.

No matter how often we meet these relatives, they always greet us with warmth. Besides, it’s always fun to spend some time amidst different types of relatives and create memories for photo albums. Which types of relatives do you thing are the coolest? Share your opinions in the comment section below. J

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