Top 10 Most Renowned International Organizations In The World

Top 10 Most Renowned International Organizations In The World

I guess there is a reading bug inside my brain that makes me want to grab every single information existing in the universe. In fact, sometimes I can relate myself to Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. So much about me! Let’s head to our today’s post. It is about some of the most renowned international organizations in the world that work for the welfare of people on global level. These organizations are not limited to any specific country.

Most readers might wonder about the topic I raised for the post. Interestingly, it is something that we all must know. Although, there are so many trusts and establishments that are effectively helping people in various countries. But, some of them are known for supporting the humanity with an international approach. These oldest and prestigious large groups of officials don’t believe in the boundaries of racism and religion. The sole motive of these trusts is to assist the underprivileged people in improvising their lives.

Below is a list of the most renowned international organizations in the world that most people are generally aware of. Here goes the list:

United Nations

United Nations Logo

In our list of the most renowned international organizations in the world, United Nations is the first and foremost name. Well, the function of the organization is clearly predictable by the term. It is an intergovernmental body that takes care of creating and maintaining international orders. The famous organization has been active since its establishment after World War II on 24th October 1945 with a motive to avoid such events in the future. With 193 member states currently, United Nations has headquarter in New York.

International Monetary Fund

International Monetary Fund

IMF is the second one in our list of famous international organizations in the world. Headquartered in Washington DC, it has 189 countries covering financial issues such as international trade, high employment promotion, and global monetary cooperation. The renowned global body ensures to aim at reducing the poverty and unemployment all over the world. During the commencement in 1944, it only has 29 member countries. Even though, the establishment aimed at reenacting the international payment system but now it handles the global financial crises.

WHO (World Health Organization)

Who doesn’t know about the world health organization? It is evidently one of the most popular international organizations in the world. Whenever it comes to taking the hold of international public health, world health organization is there to perform its tasks. The international association is a member of the United Nations Development Group and has its headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland. On 7th April 1948, 63 countries signed the constitution of WHO. Numerous pivotal functions of the world health organization include the worldwide health survey, world health report and world health day.

UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund)


Although, the acronym opens up as United Nations International Children’s Fund but it is commonly known as the United Nations Children’s Fund. Its headquarter is in New York City and the association is widely famous for offering humanitarian assistance in developing countries all over the globe. 11th December 1946 was the day of commencement of this great foundation in order to provide basic necessities to underprivileged during World War II. The supply division of UNICEF covers emergency shelters, family reunification, nutritional supplements, vaccines and education supplies.

World Trade Organization

Apart from associations for peace and humanitarian causes, there is an intergovernmental body for trade all around the world. WTO is not only one of the most renowned international organizations in the world but also the largest international economic organization in the world. The area which WTO deals in encompass the rules and regulations on the trade of service and goods between any given participating countries. It provides ethical framework for trade by creating proper agreements avoiding any sort of discrimination or dispute.

WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

World Wildlife Fund - WWF Logo

It won’t be wrong to say that WWF has played a remarkable role in preserving the wildlife since its foundation in 1961. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why the World Wildlife Fund has made a place in the list of top international organizations in the world. The non-governmental organization has more than five supporters all around the world. In addition to this, WWF has been publishing the living planet report since 1998.

World Food Programme

The United Nations has a separate food assistance branch that promotes food security around the world. The World Food Programme has headquarter in Rome and offices in more than 80 countries. The core objective of WFP is to help every single entity which is tormented or deprived. The association receives funds from governments from different corners of the world and corporations. They aim to enunciate nutrition and food security, and support people in emergencies.

World Bank

The World Bank Logo

While talking about the topmost international organizations in the world, no one would want to skip the World Bank. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the bank that offer financial assistance for all countries in the world. Some people confuse it with the World Bank Group but the World Bank is a component of it. Somehow, this international financial organization has its base in Washington DC along with the IMF. In fact, both these associations usually work together on various reports.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

The United Nations acquires a specialized agency in Paris that works to promote international collaboration by the means of cultural and educational reforms. It is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In order to complete its objectives, the UNESCO takes holds of different major programs. These programs include communication, education, natural science and social science.

UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)


United Nations also has an agency that takes care of the environmental activities. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is known for assisting developing countries implement healthy environmental practices. The headquarter of the association is in Nairobi, Kenya with the commencement on 5th June 1972.

This is not all! The list is immensely large so I just picked some of the most popular international organizations in the world. There are many other well-known humanity organizations. If I am missing something important here, please let me know in the comment section below.


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