Water Crisis in India 6 Genuine Ways to Save Water Effectively

Water Crisis in India : 6 Genuine Ways to Save Water Effectively

Indian news channels these days in India are very busy in covering the political mess spread all over the country. This is the reason why people are literally overlooking the actual problems that will surely ruin the future of our upcoming generation. In fact, it is really sad that instead of focusing on actual issues like water crisis and poverty, many people in India are happily contributing their precious time in protests and mob violence. I don’t understand why it is so hard for some ‘educated’ people to actually focus on something worthwhile.

Even though, we often get to learn from different sources that the environment is in utter danger but we never get serious about such issues. Many crucial resources are being recklessly used on daily basis by the immensely gigantic population all over the world. Increasing air pollution is giving birth to new diseases every day and India is not far behind. On the other hand, the water crisis is also a big problem for people living in India.

Water wastage - water crisis in India

While we are on the subject of the water crisis in India, we can’t ignore the fact the urbanization has literally ruined any potential practices of water conservation. While the rural areas of the country consume water for agricultural purposes; people in cities waste a whole lot of water doing everyday chores. In fact, the level of groundwater is rapidly dropping and the decreasing rate is so high that we may be completely out of it in the next 3 to 4 years.

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Here are some facts about the water crisis in India that will explain why we need to focus on saving water right away:

  • While the country of India has witnessed many great developments in different sectors in the past few years, we are definitely not prepared for the water crisis or any other environmental issue. Lack of proper governmental planning is certainly one of the core reasons why the country is running out of many natural resources so fast.
  • Other major reasons for the water crisis in India include enhanced corporate privatization and lack of human waste management. These factors are responsible not only for contaminated water but also for unnecessary consumption. In fact, the lack of human waste management is the apparent reason why 21% of diseases in India are caused by contaminated water.
  • The population of India is 3 times the population of the USA. On the other hand, it is one third in the area as compared to the USA. This way, one can easily assume
  • daily life situations and resource consumption in a densely crowded place like India.

Water Crisis in India – 6 Water Saving Techniques We All Should Consider Seriously

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Make Sure That All Taps in Your Home are Finely Working

I have seen people using a cloth on taps to stop the running water in case of any leakage. And then, this temporary solution is ignored for days and even weeks until that same problem strikes again. Well, there is no denying that procrastination is in human nature. We do not even consider thinking about an issue as long as it doesn’t affect us. Guess what? The water crisis in India is a hazard that is right ahead of us and we do need to take the action before it gets worse.

Faucet Leakage - water crisis in India

You must make sure to check all the taps in your house for any leakage because every single drop counts when it comes to saving water. Even if a tap is dropping one drop per second, it will constitute a significant amount of water just going down the drain. In a case like this, you should call for professional help. In addition to this, you can also check the drainage system and other plumbing settings that affect the water supply.

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Consider Using Water Flow Reducers in Your Water Systems

Many people proudly claim that they just can’t work properly if the water flow is not good. Seriously? Is this something that you should be proud of especially when you are recklessly wasting a vital source of nature? No matter how cleanliness-obsessed you are and what your OCDs tell you; water conservation is the need of the hour and you must use it carefully.

Science and technology have come a very long way all over in the world and in our country as well. In the arena of house plumbing, the professionals have invented different ways to save time that also works on consuming less quantity of water in order to avoid wastage. In your water systems such as toilet flush and showers, you can install water flow reducers or aerosol that can effectively control the flow of water during the use.

Customize and Optimize Your Dish Washing

Dishwashing is not as complex as we think it is. Moreover, if we optimize the way we wash dishes, we can save a significant amount of water along with having absolutely clean dishes. People usually open the tap at the beginning and then they keep the water running until the last dish is cleaned. There is a better and simple way of washing dishes that can help you preserve water as you just need to put a little extra effort into the chore.

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You can use thick rubber gloves while cleaning dishes as it protects your hands from chemicals of the soap/washing solution. Instead of using water, use your hands to remove the extra oil, spices or any food residues from the dishes. Then, you can scrub them all at the same time and keep it in the sink. Now fill a small bowl with water, use it to begin the cleaning process and remove the lather with the help of water using your hands. This way, you will be able to save at least 60% water as compared to the usual consumption.

Watch Out the Use of Water While Taking A Bath

Most people use an insane amount of water while taking a bath. In fact, some people take a shower when they are upset or feel lonely. There are plenty of things to do when you are feeling blue instead of taking ridiculously long showers. While taking a bath, just keep one thing in mind that you are here to clean yourself and it is not a place for deep thoughts where you should be spending a lot of time.

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Close the Tap during Brushing the Teeth & Washing Hands

It always drives me nuts when I see people keeping the taps open while washing their hands or brushing their teeth. It is not like once closed, the taps will be closed forever or anything. Besides, the water just flows down the drain and doesn’t fall under any use unless you are done with cleaning your hands or teeth.

As an adult and as a human being, it is your foremost duty to think about the future of your upcoming generations. We all know what it is like to be thirsty when we can’t find clean water to drink. No, imagine the same situation with your kids and then their kids and so on.

Avoid the Use of Long Water Pipes while Washing the Cars

Most people book their weekend for car washing as if it is some kind of water festival thing. It is not bad to consider choosing a free day for car cleaning but consuming a large quantity of water is a bad habit indeed. Apart from this, people use long pipes to clean the car and keep the water running from the very beginning until the car gets all shiny and new.

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If you are willing to clean your car in the best way possible, use a bucket and some perfect sponges. Sprinkle some water on the car, rub every portion of it with a bubbly sponge and then wash it off with water taken in a mug. You can also use a clean sponge while cleaning it with water. This way, you will save more than 70% water of the actual consumption.

A ‘No Bathing’ Day A month

If you are someone who is a hygiene freak and can’t imagine a day without taking a bath, then you will probably hate this idea. But, trust me on this one! Skipping the bath for at least one day in a month is not going to harm you and it will, in fact, save a significant amount of water. This should be promoted like a movement so more people can know about this. And, let’s face it! If being lazy for a day can bring such an amazing change, then there is nothing you can find better.

If we consume all the water present on this planet, life on the planet will become a living hell and we can all imagine how that would be? The water crisis in India is a very big issue and therefore being responsible is a necessity that is our only chance to preserve life on this planet. I hope, you will consider the ways I have mentioned here to save water effectively.

For more info on water conservation, you can check out the link – https://thewaterproject.org/water-crisis/water-in-crisis-india

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