10 Things Smart People Never Say at Workplace

10 Things Smart People Never Say at Workplace

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I’ve been reading about work management and workplace ethics lately. Just for fun you know! That’s how I came across certain things that one should never ever discuss with someone. This thing applies especially for workplaces because it’s not a place where you can go on with anything you prefer to talk about. There are plenty of things smart people never say at workplace. But, before we start with those things, let’s see why these things shouldn’t be discussed at work.

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Workplace is a whole new world where you get to meet a variety of people every day. Even though, you see and meet these people on daily basis, you may not understand what they are up to. Hence, you need to be extremely cautious about what you say, tell or discuss with people in your office. Now, let’s move on to the list of things smart people never say at workplace:

  1. You Hate Your Job and Everything About It

I hate my job - 10 Things Smart People Never Say at Workplace

If you think that you are the only one to hate your job, then you are absolutely wrong. In reality, you might be surrounded with people you believe the same. That’s odd yet true! No matter what you feel about your job profile, there is no need to discuss your own thoughts over it. You must be careful especially when you are at work. Let’s face it! Your expression of hatred for your job isn’t going to change much about it. Although, something worse might take place in this situation.

  1. Total Money You Make Every Month.

Tell me one single benefit of sharing your monthly income with someone at workplace. Don’t even try because there isn’t any! In the first place, telling your office-mates your monthly income isn’t worthwhile. Secondly, you might land yourself in trouble after doing this. So, it’s the best to stay shush about your financial condition at work. This is one of the most essential things smart people never say at workplace.

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  1. You Don’t Find A Person Competent Enough for A Project.

Job Competence - 10 Things Smart People Never Say at Workplace

Woah! Someone else having the potential of performing a given task has nothing to do with you. The caliber of a person for a specific job is none of your business. I know I sound rude here but this is something no one is supposed to do. Your job is to focus on your tasks and let other things be decided by the management.

  1. You Support or Dislike Any given Political Party.

While talking about the important things smart people never say at workplace, we can’t miss this point. Your opinion about any popular political party or religion is not something people in your office would want to know. In fact, if you discuss such things at work, your colleagues might start judging you. Is that what you want from people around you? Nope!

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  1. The Secrets of Your Romantic Life

Most people like to brag about their romantic life. In fact, many guys don’t hesitate from declaring themselves the tiger king in their bedroom. This can be a cool topic among close friends but office is definitely not a place for such personal talks. There are weekends. If you want, you can save such secrets for the weekend plans with your friends.

  1. Crazy Things You Do in Weekends or During Vacations

So, you went to a weird place and did crazy things with your best buddies. A fun-filled event like this sounds exciting to tell others. Of course, who wouldn’t want to share such details with others? But, when it comes to office skills; you need to be quite selective about what you share with others.

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  1. Offensive Jokes or Obscene Comments

Chitchat in Office - 10 Things Smart People Never Say at Workplace

This surely is one of the most common things smart people never say at work. Racist comments, jokes on feminism or anything like that can bring you in the hazardous circle. That hazardous circle will not only ruin your reputation but will also affect the chances of your growth.

  1. Bragging About Numerous Social Media Activities

Using Social Media at Work - 10 Things Smart People Never Say at Workplace

Although, I’ve already talked about bragging at work; discussing social media activities is another thing. I have seen people talking about their twitter and Instagram followers, Facebook friends and request and other social media stuff. Trust me, it wouldn’t make a small difference at all. Social media tales are one of the things smart people never say at workplace.

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  1. You Are Distracted Because of Several Personal Issues

Plenty of people at work acclaim to be supportive and sensitive. Actually, these are the kind of people who don’t give a crap about anything. Therefore, talking about your personal issues or reasons of distraction is not going to take you anywhere. Seriously!

  1. You Are In Search for A Job with Better Pay scale

Secret Job Hunting - 10 Things Smart People Never Say at Workplace

This is the last point of certain things smart people never say at workplace. It’s kind of the special one. Offices are filled with back-biters and stabbers. Telling someone about your job hunting plans would lead you in big troubles. You might probably end up losing your job. Always be cautious enough to protect yourself wherever you are.

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So, this was a list of things smart people never say at workplace. This is the reason why some people are never nagged or bullied in offices. Such people rather show better performance because they don’t spend their time in useless discussions. Quite evident, huh! If you’ve been having any issues at work lately, then these tips might be helpful, hopefully!


  1. I always learned in life, not even at a job to never discuss politics or religion because people tend to explode and can’t have a mature conversation no matter what party you follow. I think these tips are excellent and what people should be following. It is best to keep your relationship with coworkers, very professional and not discuss these topics so freely. Love your post xx

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