12 Awkward Questions You Should Never Ask Someone

12 Awkward Questions You Should Never Ask Someone

Interacting with people and getting to know others is a fun and exciting thing. While talking to someone, we always make sure not to hurt their feelings or self-respect. Well obviously, a normal person would never want to do something horrible like this. Yet, there are several awkward questions that we end up asking others.

Sometimes, it’s hard to identify the perimeters of social etiquettes especially in case of friends and families. Yet, there is no point of embarrassing someone with a question that doesn’t sound nice. Interestingly, these questions are sharp enough to destroy a happy mood. Here is a list of few awkward questions that you should never ask someone:

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How Much Money Do You Make?

Money Making - Awkward Questions

I don’t remember the first time I heard this sentence from someone. But I do remember that I couldn’t understand why exactly it is not an appropriate question. Now that I am all grown up and acquire noteworthy working experience, I completely understand why. Asking someone about their worth earnings is completely illogical.

Why Are you Bald?

This is one of the main awkward questions that people don’t like to answer at all. No one likes to lose hair which is quite obvious. Besides, people go bald naturally after the treatment of severe diseases. In fact, treatment of hair fall is a big pain sometimes. Moreover, some people shave their heads to pull of fashion experiment. I don’t see the necessity of asking such a lame question to someone.

Why Did You Call off the Wedding?

Calling off the Wedding - Awkward Questions

People don’t call off a wedding without having a solid reason behind the decision. Moreover, it is indeed an exhausting experience for anyone going through such phase. Asking this question to someone would be like pinching on a red wound. There is no point of doing so with someone who is having a hard time already.

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Aren’t You Too Fat/Thin?

Body Shaming - Awkward Questions

The shape or size of a body doesn’t reflect the personality or behavior of a person. Besides, being healthy is not just about being in a perfect shape. This is one of those common awkward questions that don’t even make sense.

Why Didn’t You Complete Your Education?

Educational Issues - Awkward Questions

It sounds normal but it’s definitely not what it looks like. We can’t explain every single circumstance of our life to everyone we meet. Similarly, we don’t know what’s happening with other people around us. You shouldn’t ask such awkward questions to someone unless you are the interviewer and asking to an interviewee.

Why Wasn’t I Invited in Your Party?

Either they forgot or you are not important enough to be invited in a party. Obviously, by asking this question, you make people uncomfortable especially when they don’t want to be rude in front of you. It was just a party not the one and only event on planet earth.

Why Don’t You Buy New Stuff (Furniture, Clothes, Cars or House)?

Lack of Money - Awkward Questions

By asking such ridiculously awkward questions, you ruin your impression in front of others. First of all, buying new stuff requires MONEY. Secondly, no one loves to keep old stuff and it’s their choice to move or keep stuff in their house.

Why Aren’t You Having Kids After So Many Years of Wedding?

Seriously? Not having kids after few years of wedding is your issue? Conceiving a baby is certainly the first thing most married couples wish together. If they don’t have any, they are either not ready for the kids or have medical complications. That’s it.

Are You Pregnant?

Pregnant Women - Awkward Questions

Sometimes, it is not the pregnancy but mere bloating or any stomach issue. In fact, a lady with bloated stomach would be extremely ashamed if you would ask this to her. On the contrary, a women who is actually pregnant would tell herself if she is expecting or not.

Why Are You Single?

People have different opinions about relationships. Your happiness in your relationship doesn’t mean that single people are sad or something. Asking these awkward questions not only create embarrassing situations but also affect the self-esteem of a person.

Are You A Virgin?

Virginity Questions - Awkward Questions

Really? Whether someone is a virgin or not should be none of your business. In addition, one’s sexuality has nothing to do with the lives of others. This question doesn’t affect anything if you are asking this to a friend or someone close. But, make sure you don’t ask this question in your initial meetings.

Why Do You Have This Scar?

If a scar is removable, no one would want to keep it. Above all, awkward questions like this make people uncomfortable especially if those scars are related to an ugly spat. There are lots of things that you can talk about instead of pointing a scar.

No matter how strong a person is, these questions will hurt them. We all can imagine and even experience what it’s like to answer these awkward questions. What do you think is the most annoying question in this list? Let me know in the comment section below.

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