7 Inhumane Things We Confront yet Ignore Every Day

7 Inhumane Things We Confront yet Ignore Every Day

Few days back, my brother was watching a cricket match along with his friends. When their favorite team lost the match, they got very upset and started blaming players for the loss. I was surprised to see the way they all were reacting after the match ended. There was no point in getting mad at the players for a mere game and of course, someone’s gain is someone’s loss.

Certainly, this is not the only wrong thing that we’ve been witnessing as a society. There are many other lame issues that we have to confront every single day and yet we ignore them. Following are the common problems that we get to face every day:

  1. Making Fun of Someone’s Belief

Making Fun of Someone’s Belief

There are numerous religions and belief systems in our system. Everyone is independent and allowed to have their own religious beliefs and no one is supposed to make fun of it. But unfortunately, some people consider that what they think and believe is righteous and the rest is futile. Every religion has certain values and no belief system is wrong unless it affects someone’s life in negative ways.

  1. Witnessing Accidents like Audience

Witnessing Accidents like Audience

This one is definitely the worst! It’s has become like a trend to create viral videos of accidents and share them on numerous social media channels. Some people have reached to that level of inhumanity where they are desensitized enough to avoid helping people dying in an accidents. They are so busy in recording horrible incidents that they forget someone might die right there. Probably, that’s why we get to see lots of crappy videos on Facebook every day.

  1. Insensitivity and Dead Emotions

Insensitivity and Dead Emotions

In last few centuries, humans have invented thousands of machineries to make things possible and easier. But, now the situation is that we have turned ourselves into complete machines that have particular functions and no emotions at all. No matter how much we deny this fact, but somewhere down the line, we are dead inside.

  1. Getting Offended for Lame Reasons

Getting Offended for Lame Reasons

I read in a newspaper that a cricket team was badly threatened by some people of their own country after losing a match. Some players are often maltreated by the audience during or after the match by the audience. Besides, when filmmakers try to raise a sensitive social problem through their movies, people and sometimes even critics try to ban it by calling the content inappropriate for viewers. These are mere examples that implicate that we’ve got the habit of getting offended for no good reason.

  1. Endless Sexism

Endless Sexism

Sexism is one of the most common unsolved issues of the society. Although, it is omnipresent but there are several countries in the world where the situation is beyond the worst. Apart from this, not females but males also fall prey to this eternal social problem. We may not be able to kill the roots of this problem right at once but we can at least try to abate it.

  1. Doing Stupid Pranks on Strangers

Doing Stupid Pranks on Strangers

Prank videos might be funny or even interesting for some people but it’s not always as good as it seems to be. We need to take a look at the other side of the scenario. Some people go to public places and try to do silly dares by ruining others’ privacy only to make it look like a joke. There is a simple fact that public places are made so that people can hang around and have a great time. But, some pranksters try to steal that precious time for their own benefit. I am not saying that all pranksters are bad people. But sometimes, life is much more than pranks.

  1. Being a Slave to Technology

Being a Slave to Technology

Inhumane things are not just limited to damaging others’ lives and these habits also affect the life of an individual. Being blindly addicted to technology is one of such habits. Though it’s true that technology is the necessity in today’s world where survival is all about making things faster and faster. We wake up every morning to check our smart phones first and it’s the last thing we do before going to bed.

Interestingly, if we see, these issues are nothing but just the smog covered on our society. Broad mentality, self-control and respect for humanity are some of the aspects that can make this gloomy smog fade away. Wrong things happening in the society are pretty much in our hands and only we are responsible for where the society takes us.

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