8 Signs of Serious Smartphone Addiction You Have Been Ignoring Lately

8 Signs of Serious Smartphone Addiction You Have Been Ignoring Lately

Almost every happiness or say convenience comes with a price. In past few decades, the technology has served us with some of the most remarkable inventions. But, there is no denying in the point that every great discovery has its own drawbacks. We love to make complete use of various machines but we are so used to them that now it’s nearly impossible for us to do the same thing on our own.

Let’s begin with smartphones as this is one of the most helpful invention of the technology so far. But, we all are aware of the major setbacks this stupendous discovery has brought in our lives. Believe it or not but most of us are addicted with our smartphones and some of us have no idea about it. Following are some signs of serious smartphone addictionou you have been ignoring lately:

You almost never appear without your smartphone.

This may not confirm your serious smartphone addiction but indeed it is one of the common signs that you don’t pay attention to. Although, people these days carry their phones with them all the time. But, people with this tendency don’t spare a moment leaving it behind.

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You can’t imagine a day without your phone.

Another from the list of signs of serious smartphone addiction! Once I forgot to keep my phone in my bag and left the house for work. I took a train and miraculously it was not very crowded like every other day. Then, I checked my bag for phone and I couldn’t find it. I still remember the feeling of congestion and breathlessness I felt the entire day. When I reached home after work, I was completely restless and it was only my phone that made me feel better about that day.

The battery of your smartphone doesn’t survive a whole day.

Everything has a durability even if it’s a machine with definite capacitance. Usually, the battery of a smartphone can last for more than 24 hours. Interestingly, I have seen many people charging there phone twice a day. I used to be among those people before but things have changed for good. The battery of my phone doesn’t require charging for at least 30 hours because I have learnt to control my addiction.

You freak out when someone else uses your phone.

There was a time when I was extremely possessive about my smartphone. In fact, there are many people out there who freak out when they see their phone in someone else’s hands. If this happens to you too, then you need to watch out the signs of serious smartphone addiction. I wouldn’t suggest that you let anyone use your phone but getting hyper during such conditions is not an option either.

You never leave your house without the charger.

Some people charge their phone in the morning and then bring their charger with them for work as well. It’s obvious as they are aware of the fact that their phone battery won’t even survive 8-9 hours. It may not be very accurate as one of the signs of serious smartphone addiction. But, it surely is a trigger you are not supposed to ignore.

You don’t mind using your phone in the bathroom.

You may call me uptight or whatever but using a phone in the bathroom is definitely not my deal. Or say it is simply GROSS! I would like to recall it as one of the weirdest signs of serious phone addiction. If you or someone around you does this, you really need to have an impactful control on your utilization of smartphone.

You use your phone constantly in social gatherings.

Sometimes, it feels like I have become a completely different person ever since I conquered my smartphone addiction. Most people are seen being highly distracted because of their phones and that’s a total deal-breaker. Constant use of phones in social gatherings ruins your impression and your motive to be a part of it.

Your phone is the first thing you see in the morning.

I wouldn’t lie to you. There are several signs of serious smartphone addiction that I have overcome but this one is kind of hard. Yet, I am trying my best. But, I guess checking our phones right after waking up has become a part of our hectic lifestyle. You just cannot help it. Besides, if your phone is the last thing you see before sleeping, then you are in a committed relationship with your smartphone.

To be honest, I myself have gone through the very same phase but I somehow managed to cope with it. I have been trying to maintain a fair distance from my smartphone in order to deal with serious smartphone addiction. In fact, I have also spent a whole weekend without checking my phone constantly. I just chose a fixed time to check and revert calls and messages.

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This was my own way to get myself out of this hazardous habit. You can try the same thing or come up with something new. The entire point of these signs is just getting rid of the serious smartphone addiction. Let me know if you have any suggestions or opinions about it.

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