8 Things You Didn’t Know Are Poisoning Your Life

8 Things You Didn’t Know Are Poisoning Your Life

We certainly start to understand the positive and negative aspects of life after passing the teenage phase. And then, there comes a phase where we learn to take important decisions of our lives with the help of our previous experiences. There is a simple rule of life – good decisions boost our confidence and bad decisions give priceless experiences.

But, there are certain things that poison our life and we almost never realize it. These things are present in our routine in different measures and yet we don’t identify them. In this post, we will come across those things that are actually poisoning our life:

  1. Cultural Restrictions

Cultural Restrictions in India

If you belong to a developing country, then you might have experienced the never-ending pressure of cultural restrictions at least once so far. Culture is a colorful thing that describes the diversity in lands. It is supposed to be something that people enjoy to explore but it’s quite not what it should be. Don’t fall prey to anything just because your culture tells you to pursue it.

  1. Lack of Awareness

Somewhere down the line, lack of awareness is connected with the restrictions that society has set for us. Most people follow the conventional protocol only because they are not aware of the real facts. Always remember that you were not born to impress the society. You just need to be aware of your own existence and its significance.

  1. Suppression of Feelings

suppression of feelings

Interestingly, all these poisonous beliefs are somehow connected to each other like a chronology. Cultural restrictions and lack of awareness limit the thought process and you learn to suppress your feelings in all conditions. You think that you become emotionally strong this way but apparently you ruin your mental health. Instead of suppressing your feelings and emotions, you can try different ways to get them out of your head.

  1. Hesitation & Fear

Hesitation is a normal feeling in all human beings but that doesn’t mean that you should never try to get rid of it. The feeling of fear and hesitation not only spoils your interaction with others but also kills your confidence from inside. Always keep in mind that you weren’t born with these feelings and that’s why you don’t need to preserve them in your mind. It’s just the result of limitations that bring fear and hesitation in impressionable minds.

  1. Distance from Passion

Distance from Passion

I was reading the biography of a famous novelist the other day who left engineering for pursuing his passion and became a well-known name in the arena of story writing. It doesn’t mean that you should leave your job and start spending time on your creations. Livelihood is an essential part of life but you can always get some space for something that you always wanted to do.

  1. Imposed Decisions

Fear, hesitation, lack of awareness and confidence, and suppression of feelings are some factors that once avoided can keep haunting you forever. These things become the reason why you don’t mind imposed decisions. Accepting the decisions made by others make you lose your worth especially when you don’t want to confront the consequences of such decisions.

  1. Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse

If you believe that emotional abuse isn’t as painful as physical abuse, then you are absolutely wrong. In fact, it is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone especially when the victim is not capable enough to deal with it. Unfortunately, most people don’t fight against it because they are afraid of breaking the ‘rules’ people around them have set.

A relationship is not worth lasting if you are constantly being emotionally abused. Don’t forget that your existence is much more important than just a meaningless relationship.

  1. Unnecessary Search for Perfection

Perfection is not a cup of tea that you can prepare instantly whenever you want. It is like a tree that grows sequentially and takes time to show up in its complete form. If you have a habit to achieve perfection in all aspects, then you must embrace another good habit that we call patience.

Breaking the Monotony

Sometimes, you need to break the monotony, otherwise you will be a slave of this pre-decided system. You just need to understand your own worth and kick out the negativity from your routine. It’s your life and you should be the boss of yourself. Don’t let poisonous things and judgemental people stop you from living it to the fullest.


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