8 Ways Single Parents Can Overcome the Struggles of Daily Life

8 Ways Single Parents Can Overcome the Struggles of Daily Life

‘Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress, and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love, and twice the pride.’ There is no better way to explain the struggles of single parents than this strong saying. Well, the struggle is in everyone’s life whether it is related to career, relationships or even health. It is nearly impossible to figure out what kind of struggle is harder but single parenting is a totally distinctive level of effort in itself.

In this era of modernization, it has become quite tough for relationships to last for any significant duration of time. With a drastic increase in divorces every year, it seems that single parents will outnumber the families where kids are raised by both parents. Raising a child after a broken marriage is certainly one of the biggest struggles that single parents can’t just neglect.

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Moreover, there are many reasons other than a divorce that lead to single parenting. Some people choose to raise the kid all by themselves if one of the spouse dies. On the other hand, some people with a successful career choose to have babies out of wedlock and then raise them all by themselves. No matter what the reason is, single parenting is and always will always be harder than ordinary parenting.

In this post, we will throw light on some of the routine struggles that only single parents have to confront:

Struggles of Single Parents

1 Hour Rule for Social Life Crisis

I am beginning this list with a social life crisis as this is the most common type of problem people are facing these days. Having a social life is a crucial aspect of life but apparently, it is one of the daily life struggles that single parents have to face and it really affects their intellectual perception. In fact, there are plenty of other reasons why one should have an active social life.

It might be very difficult for you to find some time for your friends when you are raising a child alone. But, patience and efficient time management are the keys to cover up the social life crisis you have been dealing with lately. Even if you are an introvert, it is essential for you to be a part of any social community because a public gathering really clears up the mind for a while as you get to talk and share your opinions with others.

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In order to avoid the social crisis, you need to manage the time tactfully so you don’t miss any important part of your life. Right down a schedule if you have to but, promise yourself to have at least 1 hour of the day only for yourself. You can use this time span to go anywhere or do whatever provides you with peace of mind.

Smart Spending for Financial Management

Many people claim that money is the reason for most of the problems in the world. Some might say that it can solve the world’s biggest problems. There are thousands of such sayings but the point is that finance is a vital aspect of life especially when you have responsibilities and a child to take care of. Circumstances can get even worse when you are the only one making money in your family.

There are thousands of books on finance management with some proven ways to deal with money issues. But, a single parent with a job, household chores and a baby may not find time to read a book for money management. Some single parents cut expenses to save money as it is of the major struggles that they have to deal with on a routine basis.

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The struggles and challenges single parents come across literally make you a multitasker. If you are not able to make enough money from a single job, then you might want to take another job. But, this is not a viable idea for someone with small kids. Such parents can look for a daycare for the smallest price and get a job that covers most of your household expenses.

This way, you will be able to save some money from your main job. You must look for a daycare where you can trust people with your kids so you don’t have to worry about them when you are at work.

Decision Making for Kids

Decision making is undoubtedly harsh but it is even harsher when you have to do it for someone else. Making the right decision involves the evaluation of every aspect that can affect the well-being of your child. School admission, graduation course institution, and their indulgence in activities are some crucial things that require your inference when you have a small baby.

For a married couple, deciding something for babies is definitely not as difficult as it for a single parent. This is why it is one of the core struggles of single parents that other people don’t get to face.

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First of all, you should let yourself know that you will always pick the best for your kids no matter what. If you want someone else’s opinion, then you can talk to a reliable friend or someone from your family who is familiar with parenting stuff. You don’t need to have a spouse to make a decision for your child. Just trust your guts and go with the option that you find suitable for them.

Emotional Situations with Kids

There are certain types of questions that children begin to ask while growing up but some parents find it challenging to answer them. For example, Assume that a guy is raising his kids alone and his daughter hits puberty. The entire scenario can be so problematic for both of them. Besides this, kids often question their single mother who their father is. Though these questions are commonly asked but kids may not understand the concepts of adulthood.

Always remember that single parents are known to be intellectually so strong that they somehow manage to figure out a way to deal with all kinds of situations. Emotional issues enter everyone’s life but tackling them tactfully is not a cup of tea. If you are going through any such time, just try to cheer your kids up with their favorite food and teach them to appreciate small things in life.

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Health Management

When you are single and have a child along with a hectic job, you will probably feel tired almost every time. There’s nothing wrong in expressing that you are exhausted and you need a break. Waking up early, preparing the meal for kids and yourself, and then running to the office will eat your entire day before you know it. Such a tiring routine can ruin your health and parenting as well.

Along with managing time and finances, you must also pay attention to your health as this is extensively avoided during parenting. Never skip a meal and arrange a health checkup for yourself in at least every 2 or 3 months. This is the only way to protect your kids because if you get sick, then nobody else would come to see them.

Traveling with Kids

Interestingly, traveling with babies is indeed one of the main struggles that single parents have to confront. When you are traveling to a distant location with all the luggage, custom checking, and a baby; you will be nothing but extremely miserable.

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The situation may not be this bad every time but a single parent shouldn’t hesitate while asking for help during the travel. Because obviously, you are trying the hardest and people understand. Well, some people really do!

Household Chores

Single parents also have to handle the household chores all by themselves. Although, being able to afford a housemaid is a whole other question but not everyone can go for that option. House cleaning, dish-washing, laundry, and cooking consume a lot of time and this is why single parents are bound to struggle with daily chores, a full-time job, and children.

Make a list of the chores and set a time for each of them. Time-consuming work such as laundry and house cleaning can be booked for weekends only. Apart from this, you should optimize your time for cooking as this is something you have to do almost every day. You can do this by fixing a day for grocery shopping and considering food take-outs once in a while.

Possibilities of Dating

For single parents, dating is a great way to combat the loneliness and stress they usually have to go through. Besides, dating becomes even trickier when the child starts to grow up. It is important for single parents to choose the person they want to date wisely because the dating life of parents does impact their kids.

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Being a single parent is not something new or unusual. It’s just that single parents have to go through a long ladder of struggles while dealing with daily life problems. Because of the fear of having a bad impression on kids, some people just give up on dating which is not a very practical idea especially when you don’t have an active social life. You can keep meeting new people and when you really hit it off with someone, then you can bring them home and let them interact with the kids.

If we carefully analyze the struggles that single parents have to go through on a daily basis, we can conclude that there is nobody stronger than a single parent. No matter what comes their way, they just carry on with an unusual amount of strength and people never really appreciate their hard work. Every single parent should remember that they are doing their best and their impeccable will of never giving up is beyond the norms of society.

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