9 Coolest Career Options for Nature Lovers

9 Coolest Career Options for Nature Lovers

‘Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature; it will never fail you.’ This is a popular quote about nature by the American writer, educator, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright. By this comprehensively beautiful sentence, he has remarkably explained enchant of living close to nature. In fact, he always believed in developing a harmonious structure for both humanity and the environment. Obviously, when there is nowhere else to go; Mother Nature is always there to embrace you. It is a world of peace, freedom, and authenticity with no traces of fake emotions and deception.

There are plenty of people who wish to spend all their lives around nature. In order to pursue the same, they hunt for a career that can keep them connected to nature in some ways. If you are also one of those people, you would want to look out for selected career options for nature lovers. Well, I have prepared a list of career profiles that can help you stay around the green universe. Let’s sneak a look at the list:

Landscape Architect

Landscape architect - 9 Coolest Career Options for Nature Lovers

Landscape architecture is the art of bringing nature itself in your modernized world. In simple words, a landscape architect is responsible for creating alluring landscape designs and construction specifications in a provided area. This amazing profession allows you to build a green infrastructure that can catch every eye around. In fact, it’s more like creating an escape for those who wish to take a break from their routine life. Not to mention; landscape architecture is much more than just garden designing. It also involves erosion control, stormwater management, recreational park planning, site planning, and environmental restoration.


Zoologist - 9 Coolest Career Options for Nature Lovers

If you love to be around animals, then zoology is the only best option for you to choose. Zoologists either spend some time studying animals in the laboratory or in their actual habitat. The entire study of zoology includes the evaluation of their structure, classification and their interaction with the ecosystem. In order to commence your zoology career, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology or in a similar stream.


Being a botanist can be your destination if greenery soothes your mind the most. Everyone knows that botany is a branch of biology that deals with plant science. In this field, you get to come across numerous physiological processes that take place in our environment. Not only do botanists study plants but they also accomplish useful researches in their field for the betterment of life and humanity.


Geologist - 9 Coolest Career Options for Nature Lovers

Most people confuse between geologists and archaeologists. Therefore, I would like to mention that there is remarkable difference between these professions. Geologists are the scientists who study and analyze all the materials that constitute the earth and other terrestrial planets. The best part of geology is that you can join the stream if you are from any science stream up to and including chemistry, biology, and physics.


Archaeologist - 9 Coolest Career Options for Nature Lovers

Archaeology is the study of human activities and cultural practiced a certain time ago with the analysis of material traces. If you see, the profession of an archaeologist is quite fascinating as you get to find out the details of anything old you find somewhere. Some people don’t know that it is the sub-category of anthropology. You don’t need to collect a wide selection of educational degrees to get in the arena. You can enter the field with at least a master’s degree in the subject.

Organic Farmer

Organic farming is rapidly taking a head these days. If you have any sort of interest in farming then you must choose the lucrative option of organic farming. This type of farming is an efficient practice because it doesn’t involve the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This kind of farming came into existence a while ago in order to improvise the quality of life and living beings.

Nature Photographer

Nature photography - 9 Coolest Career Options for Nature Lovers

You don’t need to have a specified qualification to become a nature photographer. A keen passion for nature and knack for photography is all you need to master nature photography. Roam around the places you wish to go and click the best of nature’s glimpse. Even though, there are many recognized institutions that provide training in nature photography.

Conservation Scientist

In the era of extreme modernization, we all understand the importance of wildlife conservation. If you wish to be a part of effectual conservation practices then you can go for this profession. Conservation scientists are known for managing the quality of various natural resources covering forests, parks, and rangeland.

Forest Ranger

Park Ranger - 9 Coolest Career Options for Nature Lovers

Forest rangers are required in different state and national forests for trail maintenance and many other pivotal tasks. Other than this, they also look after the growth of seedlings and inspection of tree strands in forests. Moreover, forest rangers also participate in search and rescue missions along with conducting informative programs.

If you are a nature enthusiast, then you will definitely like the career options for nature lovers that I have mentioned here. Well, I am sure there might be more and a professional career consultant can help you better. Yet, the list contains noteworthy choices that you can take into consideration while hunting your perfect job. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share in our comment section.

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