9 Things You Should Never Say During A Job Interview

9 Things You Should Never Say During A Job Interview

There are no shortcuts or moves to crack a job interview. When it comes to a job interview, the first endless thing that comes to the mind is nervousness. No matter how experienced you are, it affects a person during the interaction with interviewers. The varying level of nervousness decides how you are going to perform in your interview.

Even though, there is no written rhapsody to create apt answers for job interviews. Although, there are several typical answers that ruin these interviews in the blink of an eye. In this post, we will be discussing some of those things that a person should never say in a job interview. Here goes the list of typical interview answers that must be avoided by interviewees:

‘I Don’t Know’

I Don't Know Expression

If you don’t like the job you applied for, then this answer can help you lose the opportunity without any effort. ‘I don’t know’ is the lamest thing you would say in front of the interviewers. If you are asked a tough question, then you can put your own opinions about it. In a considerable situation, any answer would be better than this one.

‘My Boss Was Annoying and Hated Me’

Forget how annoying your prior employer was especially during a job interview. People hardly like their bosses and your relationship with your boss is nothing new. Besides, bad mouthing about the previous boss or anyone else can give your interviewers a negative impression about you.

‘You Look Really Nice’

‘You Look Really Nice’ - Flirt during job interview

Compliments are generally well-received when given by co-workers. Unnecessary and unexpected complimenting can be a shot in the dark for interviewees. Sometimes, the use of such sentences is taken as a flirtatious act by the interviewee to get attention. Now, the decision is all yours.

‘I Hated My Previous Job’

First of all, I never get the reason of hating something that helps you make a living for yourself. I may sound harsh but I hate it when someone says this. Besides this, what’s the guarantee that you won’t hate this job if you get it? Employers never like such answers during the interviews.

‘How Much Does This Job Pay’

How Much Does This Job Pay

There are certain questions that make no sense during job interviews at all. Asking about the total pay of a given position is one of those questions. Interviewees are provided such information once they get selected in the firm. So technically, you can always wait before you ask this question in the middle of an interview.

‘I don’t Have Any Weaknesses’

Interviewers are comparatively more aware than an interviewee and hence making things stuff doesn’t really work. You can’t brag about being a perfectionist especially when you are sitting in front of a bunch of experienced people. Remember that you are a human being and you can have weaknesses. Even if you deny, they will find out.

‘How Many Annual Leaves Do You Allow’

‘How Many Annual Leaves Do You Allow’ - Annual Vacation

Cracking job interviews is not the only thing you need to pass to get a job. What you are saying or asking after the interview matters a lot. Sometimes, when informed about selection, some interviewees get excited and ask questions that make interviewers reconsider their decisions. In a situation like this, you need to calm yourself down.

‘I don’t Have Any Questions to Ask’

Every interviewee is asked to put potential question before the interviewers during or at the end of the job interview. Instead of moving your head in left and right direction, you should ask them a genuine question. You might think that asking no questions after the interview can’t be wrong in any way. But, it might make interviewers think that you are extremely desperate for the job.

‘I Am the Most Competent Candidate for This Job’

Overconfidence during job interview

Last but definitely not the least! Certainly, everyone ensures to gather enough courage and confidence to highlight their active side. But, crossing the fine line between confidence and over-confidence can jeopardize the opportunity you just got. You can mention about your positive points but you should avoid saying anything that shows over-confidence.

Sometimes, job interviews are like battles and you can never tell what the outcome would be. No matter what, being honest would always keep you on the track. That’s what I did in all the interviews I have cracked up in my life so far. So whenever you go for an interview, avoid saying the quoted things I mentioned above and you’ll be fine.


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