9 Cruel Things You Are Doing Every Day

9 Cruel Things You Are Doing Every Day

There are several things that we don’t do on purpose but somehow they affect others adversely. It could be anything that you come across at work, in your house or anywhere else. And, the sad part is that we hardly recognize such aspects of our daily routine. Take a look at some of these cruel things that you never realizes you are doing or noticing every single day:

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You Yell At Everyone Because You Are Mad Or Upset About Something

Yelling at Others

This is what people do! They yell at others because they are upset or stressed about something. Think about it! You don’t need to spoil the day of others just because yours was awful. As per my suggestion, if you are feeling frustrated and low, then don’t interact with people at all. Make sure not to react like you are the only person on this planet having continuous trouble and stuff!

You Fight Rickshaw Walas for Pennies And Spend Much More in Coffee Shops

There are some people who don’t hesitate to spend an insane amount of money while partying with friends. But, they are always ready to fight with rickshaw pullers and cab drivers over the fare. To be honest, I feel that this is the shittiest thing a person can do. Sadly, it’s something that we get to witness almost every day and no one really gives a crap about it.

You talk Negatively About People Behind Their Back Every time

Back biting at Work

Normal chitchat during lunch or tea breaks doesn’t hurt at all. Moreover, this is pretty obvious that two people usually discuss about third person during their discussion. But that discussion might turn into a strong beam of negative energy if it includes a whole lot of bitching. Many people don’t know that negative talk brings extreme negativity in the ambiance.

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You Postpone Important Things for the Sake of Idleness

How many times have you canceled an important appointment just to watch movies and eat pizza at home? In my opinion, these things should be saved for weekends and holiday season. Well, being lazy doesn’t count as a sin unless you begin to cancel important things for it. Besides, it’s never ethical when someone tries to justify procrastination. There are plenty of cruel things that ruin lives slowly and this certainly is one of them.

You Let Yourself Take Frequent Breaks Way Too Much

Lazy People at Work

It’s quite hard to believe but being too compassionate with yourself is not a very effective practice. The point seems trivial but it definitely is one of the cruel things you do to yourself. We tend to take short breaks while focusing on a long term project or anything like that. But, some people take breaks so often that they don’t really focus on what they are doing. It’s always nice to pamper yourself but being too generous to yourself would take you nowhere.

You Are Usually Inattentive in Public Places

Being attentive may not be a crime but surely is one of the cruel things we ignore every day. You may not be strong enough to save the crowd from any unfortunate happening. But, being attentive and cautious always pays off especially when you are in public places. When you are hanging out with your friends or family; it’s always safe to be aware of the activities taking place around you.

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You Spend More Time with gadgets Than with Humans

Gadget freaks

There is a variety of people who never get the idea of what they actually are. Those who proclaim to be introverts are one of such people. These are the people who never really pay attention to reading and wake up with smartphones in their hand. They don’t spend time with other people because they are so ‘introvert’. In reality, they are dealing with the habit of spending more time with gadgets than with humans. And you think there are other cruel things!

You Cook Regularly without Maintaining Proper Hygiene

Unhygienic Cooking

It may not be a big deal for you to skip paper towels or vegetable cleaning during the process of cooking. But, it is so not what you should be doing while preparing a meal. No one is asking you to be Monica Geller, the cleanliness freak from ‘Friends’. But, hygiene is the priority especially when it affects other people. Unfortunately, some people begin cooking without cleaning their hands just because it’s a two-minute task. Seriously? What’s that about?

You Are Too Convenient and Adjust to Unfair Things

Extreme Tolerance

There exist sweet and nice people. Then comes a person who thinks about the well-being of others way too much. This ‘sweetness’ leads to a point where they begin to adjust to unacceptable things and become convenient for others. There is a long list of cruel things but this one is literally the worst. That’s because it directly harms the self-esteem and existence of a person. No matter how helpful you are, it won’t count unless you treat yourself nicely.

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Life will be better than ever once you realize these cruel things going on around you every day. This way, not only will you be able to improve your living style but also help others apparently. Never let the evil habits play with your mind. Keep loving yourself and others as well. Take care!


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