Dealing with Evil People: 9 Common Things They Do to Overpower Others

Dealing with Evil People: 9 Common Things They Do to Overpower Others

‘Truly evil people don’t just hurt others. They take pride in the pain they cause and then try to blame their victims.’ This quote tells us what exactly happens in the brain of an evil person. Either we are surrounded by these people or we are one of them. It’s kind of hard to say so because people almost never address their own bad behavior. In this post, we will be throwing some light on recognizing and dealing with evil people.

Before jumping to the common things evil people do, I would like to mention my own experiences. Sometimes, I feel like I am an easy target for such people because I get to encounter such unique personalities quite often. They are present at work, in your class or any other social place where there is a significant crowd. These people commence a connection with you as if they are the nicest people on the planet. And then, gradually they begin to be the boss of everything around them.

There is just so much that I want to tell about such personalities but I believe that keeping a safe distance is the best way. Let’s take a look at some of the common things evil people do to overpower others and easy ways of dealing with them:

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They Smile or Laugh While Saying Mean Things to You.


In my opinion, this is the first sign you must consider to identify an evil person. I know a lady in my neighborhood, who laughs when she is cranky or mad about something. She is always ready to say the meanest things to you with that crooked smile on her face. Otherwise, she would start her sentence with an unnecessary laugh and then mention her disappointments.

They Behave Like A Boss All the Time (Literally).

Whether in the office or out of it, they seem to take hold of everything to get attention. If there is a project going on, such people prefer taking charge of distributing the duties. This way, it becomes simple for them to grab the easiest and the most crucial jobs for themselves.

They are the Nicest When in Need.

Dealing with evil people isn’t that complex in reality. Such people are the masters of selfishness and that’s how you can spot them without being a personality expert. No matter how badly they treat others; when in need, they will be the most humble creature on the earth. That’s how they trick others.

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They are Never Guilty of What Mean Things They Do to Others

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When these people have to accomplish something for their very own advantage, they don’t hesitate to be mean to others. Apart from this, they don’t acquire any apologetic tendencies. Sympathy, guilty and sensitivity are some major aspects that you will never notice in an evil person.

They Like Making Others Feel Stupid

Not only do they make fun of other people for their own entertainment; but they also like to make others feel stupid and worthless. Besides, they expect you to serve them as if they own your life. Since they are never afraid of doing bad things to others, they will happily say mean things to make someone feel horribly bad.

They Lie Mercilessly and Only for Their Own Benefits

The habit of lying and hurting others never affects their minds as they are used to being insensitive. Without being worried about the consequences, they lie mercilessly just to create a clear path for themselves. In fact, lying is a useful tool for evil people to get by.

You Can Feel That Strange Vibe around Them.

It might sound like an exaggeration but it’s surprisingly true that such people give literally weird vibes. No matter how nice they are to you, there will always be some kind of strange feeling in their presence. Suppose, there is someone in your life who is constantly cynical about everything and you feel positively different in their presence. Well, this is who we call the ‘one’.

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They Try to Convince Others Why They Are the Best.

I have come across hundreds of success stories, the never-ending struggles and a plethora of self-admiration. They will never stop mentioning their importance in different people’s life. I have actually heard a colleague of mine (who was extremely bossy and self-obsessed) talking behind my back that why I shouldn’t be promoted along with some added spices of her own. Apparently, I was less suitable and qualified than her. Thanks to human resources, nothing unexpected happened and I did get the promotion.

Manipulation is One of Their favorite Things to Do.


As evil personalities seem to be devoid of any genuine emotions, some people like to see them as a sensitive and emotional person who actually cares. Above all, some emotionally weak people fall prey to the manipulation of an evil person. The worst thing is that such a person never feels sorry for manipulating others for their own benefits. This manipulation can include emotional, financial, social or sexual favors.

Thanks to some past experiences, I have come a long way with the ability to keep myself rigid in front of such people. Now that you are also aware of these traits, you can steer clear of such evil. Here are a few rules that I suggest for dealing with evil people:

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  • Don’t fall prey to their emotional acts because a truly sad person will always try to hide it inside instead of telling everyone about it. Always remember, ‘cheated once, their fault; cheated twice, your fault.’
  • The simplest way of dealing with evil people is to let them know that you are even worse and you don’t give a damn what they think of you. Let the bad person know that your happiness is way much more important than their fake opinions.
  • This is the last but a golden rule for keeping the negative people out of your reach. Simply ignore them. You don’t even have to acknowledge whether they exist or not. Keep your head high and confidence level strong even on the bad days.

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