Dealing with Infidelity 9 Thing You Need to Tell Yourself

Dealing with Infidelity: 9 Things You Need to Tell Yourself

Dealing with infidelity is worse than getting out of an addiction. It’s like the hardest thing in the beginning; but feels so great after you pass through this phase. Moving on after being cheated on is nothing less than climbing a mountain.

I like to read motivational quotes on Google in my free time. Apparently, I came across a quote on infidelity the other day. It says, ‘cheating on anyone is deeper than people realize. It destroys their outlook on love, future relationships and peace within themselves.’ This quote is blatantly speaking out loud about the reality of dealing with infidelity. The beginning is certainly the worst but the gloomy phase disappears with the time as there is no bigger healer than time.

Cheating in relationships has become a common thing these days. But, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt or anything. That moment when you learn about your partner’s deception is a nightmare. You feel like you will throw up but your body parts might come out of your body. Your entire world goes upside down and there’s nothing that can entire you to feel better. In a situation like this, staying calm is probably the best thing for you to do.

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Nonetheless, deception by a life partner is a test of your strength and inner power. Here’s what you need to tell yourself if you are dealing with infidelity:

It’s Not Your Fault and You Are Going to Be Fine

Blaming themselves is one of the common things that people do after discovering their partner’s affair. This is what dealing does to a person. You don’t hate your partner, instead you start to hate yourself and that’s what takes your self-esteem down. Never forget that it’s not your fault and you will be fine.

You Didn’t Deserve This Crap, In Fact No One Does

Another crucial thing that you need to know is that you didn’t deserve this. In fact, no one deserves to be cheated on while in a committed relationship. You might want to blame yourself for being a part of such relationship. But, you are wrong. You were doing your part with loyalty and therefore you have nothing to do with it.

It Hurts So Bad Now But It Will Get Better

You need to consider this phase as some kind of pain or injury that really hurts at the beginning. This way, you will be able to tolerate the trauma you are trying to cope with. Besides, when you give it a little time, things begin to get better automatically.

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You Are Not Going to Punish Yourself for Someone’s Mistakes

While dealing with infidelity, some people find it hard to cope with it and try to harm themselves. As per suicide surveys, more than 40% people kill themselves after being a victim of disloyalty. What makes you think that your death or loss will make your partner realize their mistake? You don’t have to punish yourself. Instead, you should pamper yourself with some kind of treat.

Cutting All Contacts with the Cheater Is the Best Thing for You

A person who is afraid of losing you will never do such a cruel thing to you at the first place. Just think about it. Now that you know what kind of person you were trusting upon, you need to be strong. Simply, cut all kinds of contacts with a person and give yourself some time to heal mentally and emotionally.

This Is Just Like Any Other Problem You Will Learn to Deal With

Dealing with infidelity is just any other random problem that you face in everyday life. That’s what you need to tell yourself if you really want to move on. You are not a small kid and you can come out of any bad situation all by yourself. This really is a truth that you need to believe to give your life another chance. Just because it’s an emotional issue doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of it.

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Your Mind & Heart Are Fighting, So Let the Mind Win

It is a situation of an inner fight and you have to pick the winner. Dealing with infidelity is just like a face-off between your mind and your heart. Your mind tells you to forget the cheating partner and move on with life. On the contrary, your heart wants to believe that your partner still loves you and you still need your partner. Guess what? You just need positivity around yourself and that’s why you should let your mind win at least for a while.

No Matter How Old You Are, There Is Always A Hope Out There

Most people and especially women settle down for their partner. It’s because they think they are too old to move on or find a better spouse. We can’t judge others for their decisions. But, don’t forget that there is always a hope and good things don’t care about your age or anything.

Being Surrounded with Friends & Family Will Help You

You may not want to be alone at least for few days. Just stay surrounded with your family or friends as it is helpful in dealing with infidelity. In addition to this, you can plan a trip with a close friend, a family member or even alone.

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Success and happiness are the best ways to take revenge. If you really wish to make your partner feel bad about cheating on you, then work on yourself. Nothing will make your partner feel sorry than you looking better than ever. Moreover, getting over a deceiving partner is a blissful feeling in itself.

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