Relationship Advice from Friends TV Show : 7 Crucial Things Series Teaches Us

Relationship Advice from Friends TV Show : 7 Crucial Things Series Teaches Us

The Friends TV show is a highly popular series that started in 1994 and ended in 2004, and people all over the world are still crazy about it. The show has left a deep impact on viewers ever since its first telecast on NBC. Not only was the show perfectly humorous but there are many other fascinating elements in the show that make you binge-watch the show without any guilt. Besides everything, what makes this show unique is the evergreen style of the plotline. Certainly, this is why people from all generations can relate to the story and enjoy the show at the same time.

Over the 10-year run of the show, it has entertained us, made us laugh and sometimes has even made us cry. But, the Friends TV show has also rendered us with plenty of relationship advice that once can utilize to mend issues causing spat between couples. I myself have seen this amazingly written series for like 1 million times (or more than that probably). There are several things about relationships that I have learnt from it and would like to share it with all of you. Here goes the list:

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Be clear about the ‘BREAK’ in your relationship.

‘We were on a break’ is the most iconic and widely famous line in television history in my opinion. Ross said it for the first time when he got back together with Rachel after their beach trip in the first episode of the 4th season.

On the contrary, they took the break in the third season when Rachel got completely frustrated with Ross’s paranoid behavior. She suggested taking a break from the relationship but Ross got drunk and slept with another woman which became the reason for their heart-breaking breakup.

Ross kept mentioning the same thing in later seasons on numerous occasions. But, it tells us that Rachel wasn’t really clear about the BREAK she suggested for both of them. When it comes to defining something, you must be very specific especially when you are in a relationship.

‘Break’ is a big word and it surely has like 100 different meanings in the dictionary of love. If Rachel would have specified what kind of break they are taking, nothing awkward would ever have happened to their relationship.

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Nothing good can come out of hiding a secret from the one you truly love.

In the final episode of the fifth season, Monica tells Phoebe that she ran into Richard and they had lunch together. Even though she didn’t have any feelings remained for him but she plans to hide this thing from Chandler.

Richard Burke was Monica’s Ex-boyfriend and they parted their ways in the second season finale. It took Monica a very long time to get over Richard and Chandler knew that because he was there the whole time.

When they are heading out for Vegas on a plane with Phoebe, she accidentally reveals that Monica had lunch with Richard. This infuriates Chandler and he tries his best to cover his anger which the situation completely awkward. In the end, they end up fighting right after reaching the hotel where they meet Joey.

Even though they make up to each other later in that episode but it may not happen every time in real life. The overall point is that you shouldn’t hide anything from someone you really love. If it is meant to be, they will definitely understand.

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Casual hook-up with a friend or an ex is not a very good idea.

Most fans say that Emma being born was one of the best things that happened in the show and I agree. But, we can’t ignore the fact that it was nothing but the outcome of a one night stand between two friends who happened to be ex-lovers. Rachel got pregnant in season 7 finale and had her baby in the first episode of season 9.

Even though they managed to deal with the situation but it may be an emotional hassle in real life. In fact, season 9 has showcased many scenes where we can witness the intensity of weirdness Ross and Rachel confront from time to time.

One time, Rachel exchanged her number with a guy when she went to a bar with Phoebe. Ross was furious when he learnt that Rachel is fine with dating other guys even though they just had a baby together. He also got jealous when he saw Gavin kissing Rachel on the balcony.

On the contrary, Rachel also got upset when the lady from the toy shop was flirting with Ross and even called him Indiana Jones. She could hardly hide her rage when that girl came straight to the apartment to ask Ross out. Basically, having a casual hook-up with a friend or an ex may not be as casual as you want it to be.

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Avoid having a conversation with an ex right before your wedding ceremony.

Ross was getting married in London and the bride Emily was a very cool person who genuinely admired him. It was kind of a dream wedding because Ross arranged everything at Emily’s favorite place which was about to undergo reconstruction. Right before the ceremony, Rachel reached there and wished Ross for his life.

Though Ross has no feelings for Rachel and he wishes to spend the rest of his life with Emily but he ends up saying the wrong name at the altar. This nightmarish moment costs Ross a second divorce and he winds up being alone again. Not to mention all those sad and depressing moments Ross had to live when he was trying to get Emily back.

The Moral of this storyline is that no matter what, one must avoid any kind of interaction with an ex. If there is a possibility, try to maintain a healthy platonic relationship especially when you have moved on with another person. This relationship advice from friends TV show can actually be very helpful.

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Don’t try to modify your current relationship just to compete with your ex.

Generally, fans believe that the entire show was created around the main relationship between Ross and Rachel. Now, I think it is right because most of the relationship advice points from the Friends TV show are related to their on-and-off relationship. Interestingly, this one also involves Emily as this was the most talked love triangle of the show.

Rachel is dating her crush Joshua while Ross is happily engaged with Emily. But, when Ross decides to get married right after 4 weeks of their engagement, this annoys Rachel. In fact, she even tries to convince Joshua to think about the wedding just after four dates. This makes Joshua doubtful about his relationship with Rachel and he breaks up with her.

This plotline tremendously elaborates why competitions with an ex-lover aren’t healthy in any possible way. If you try to do something just to make your ex jealous because you will end up jeopardizing your own current relationship. Instead of fulfilling stupid wishes, you can behave like a mature person and focus only on your present instead of sneaking into the past.

Being good friends with an ex is a possibility.

The Friends TV show gave us many relationship goals but this advice is literally one way to reach the level of emotional maturity with immense patience. Carol was Ross’s first wife who later turned out to be a lesbian. He was totally devastated after his first divorce but he pulled himself together and helped her raised their son Ben.

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Another great example is Rachel as she stayed friends with Ross for a very long time after they broke up. This series taught us that being friends with an ex is a possibility if you are ready to bring positivity in your life and let bygones be bygones.

Breakups are harsh but life needs to go on.

The show has witnessed plenty of breakups right from the very beginning. In the pilot episode, Ross was sad because Carol moved out of the house. Rachel was heartbroken when she learnt about Paolo and what he did to Phoebe. Janice and Kathy both broke Chandler’s Heart. Monica was clueless after her breakup with Richard. Phoebe couldn’t move on after she and Mike parted their ways.

Every main character from the show was seen going through at least one rough break up phase. But, none of them ever gave up on love and life. In fact, they all ended up with amazing life partners and great jobs. The Friends TV show has showered us with a series of relationship advice but this one is a true life lesson.

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These are some of the crucial aspects of relationship advice from Friends TV show that can provide a certain level of maturity in your relationship. These are some of my picks that I believe are pure gems as there is no better TV series to learn this. In addition, the show is always there to make you feel better on a tiring day with a box of frozen yogurt and cheese burst pizza.

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