10 Interior Designing Themes to Give Your House Lavish Look

10 Interior Designing Themes to Give Your House Lavish Look

Moving to a new place is exhausting and yet exciting at the same time. Exhaustion comes at the point of moving stuff from one place to another but it is just a matter of few hours. Besides packing and moving, home decoration is an aspect that people find exciting. Although, home decoration is the interesting part of moving. But, choosing suitable interior designing themes is certainly a tough task.

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If you’ve been going through the same dilemma and can’t decide what theme to choose for the new house, then you can select from the most preferred options that professional designers recommend for new homes. These themes are widely popular in interior designing arena and can make the interior look utterly divine. Here is a list of designing themes that you can consider for your new place:

  1. Victorian

Victorian Interior Designing Theme

If you are buying a house with remarkable space and give it a completely histrionic look, then you should choose Victorian interior designing theme. It covers a wide range of rich colors like black, brown mahogany, gold, mustard yellow, sage green, rusty red, burgundy, plum and teal. For carpets, curtains and rugs, you can choose velvet, chintz and silk.

  1. Tuscan

Tuscan Interior Designing Theme

Tuscan interior designing theme is widely influenced from Italian rustic villages. This wonderfully elegant theme is popular for textured finishes, robust furnishings, stone patios and earthy color palette. When it comes to selecting accessories for Tuscan theme, light fixtures and candle sconces are considered as the best fits for it.

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  1. Medieval

Medieval Interior Designing Theme

Medieval interior designing theme is mainly inspired from the era between 5th and 15th century. If you wish to make the interior of your house look little dramatic, then you must go for Medieval interior designing theme. This theme includes green, gold and deep red colors along with hardwood flooring and foliage patterns. Designer fireplaces and fancy decorative pieces are the specialties of this marvelous house decoration theme.

  1. Art Deco

Art Deco Interior Designing Theme

Art Deco interior designing has a factor that makes it pretty different from other well-known home decoration themes and that is the bluntness. This marvelous theme includes layered lightings, polished wood and metal work, glossy paint colors, metal fixtures and geometric design patterns. There are no color specifications and you can choose colors of your own choice.

  1. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic Interior Designing Theme

If you are planning to decorate an all-girls apartment, then you might find Shabby Chic interior designing theme an apt selection for the place. This opulent theme is known for light coloring tones and little shabby patterns. While designing your house with this theme, you can look out for soft colors like ivory, beige, white and candy pink shades.

  1. Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Interior Designing Theme

Inspired from 19th century patterns, Art Nouveau is an interior designing theme with a hint of Victorian style decoration. In this theme, you don’t require to invest on so many decorative pieces and stuff. What you exactly need is expressive flooring and ceiling, and colorful rugs. Mustard, brown and earthy green tones are the color options for this theme.

  1. Moroccan

Moroccan Interior Designing Theme

Moroccan interior designing theme has all the elements that can completely match with your artistic persona. This spell-binding home decoration style is an amazing blend of sophistication and class. Moroccan interior style enlists vivid red, deep orange, light brown, green, yellow and blue colors. It also covers small flooring tiles, silk curtains, soft large cushions and ethnic style rugs.

  1. Transitional

Transitional Interior Designing Theme

Those who want to try the combination of two different interior styles can go with Transitional interior designing theme. This fusion theme is the perpetual combination of traditional and modern designs. In terms of colors, professionals suggest taupe, gray and khaki as preferred options. These textures can be used in designing to add specified dimensions in the interior of a house. Besides, wood is a crucial element of this design.

  1. Chinese

Chinese Interior Designing Theme

Chinese interior design is thoroughly showcases Chinese culture which is quite obvious. This theme has several similarities with the Japanese interior designing themes but some specialties make it different from the latter theme. This theme encompasses the enchanting combination of gold, black and glossy red. Chinese theme accessories include designer vases and shoji screen dividers.

  1. Gothic

Gothic Interior Designing Theme

Have you been looking for interior designing themes that can set your interior apart from ordinary designs? If yes, then Gothic interior design can be your option. The theme includes dark colors like red, purple and navy blue either on walls, ceilings or floor along with metallic accessories. If you are not willing to spend money on expensive decoration items, then you must go for Gothic theme. It makes an area look smaller than its actual size.

In this list, I just gave you a brief idea of these topmost interior designing themes. In upcoming posts, I will provide complete description of these designs. Those descriptions will cover all possible hints for furnishings, floorings and paint. Till then, take care and keep your home clean.


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