Easy Homemade Potpourri Recipes to Make Your House Smell Divine

6 Easy Homemade Potpourri Recipes to Make Your House Smell Divine

Imagine a situation. You come back to your home after a long and tiring day, and a bewitching fragrance makes you forget everything. Interesting, right? Well, that’s the power of homemade potpourri that keeps the ambiance of your house fresh all day long. In today’s post, you will get to know about some easy homemade potpourri recipes. But, before moving further, let’s have a brief introduction of potpourri.

Potpourri is prepared by mixing dried flower petals and some spices that smell nice. This mixture is placed in a decorated bowl and is used to maintain a mild and pleasant smell in the entire room.  Besides using dried petals and selected spices, there are many other methods that are used to make potpourri and simmering is one of them.

Let’s have a look at the following easy homemade potpourri recipes:

  1. Cinnamon Charisma

Cinnamon is one of those effective natural herbs that can be used in numerous ways for skin, hair and health care. I know some people who can’t start their day without a cup of cinnamon tea. Besides regular uses, you can pick those charismatic cinnamon sticks to enhance the fragrance in your living area.

Cinnamon Homemade Potpourri Recipes

If you are familiar with simmering process, then you can easily prepare the combination. Get a cup of water in a bowl and let it heat at a low flame. Now add some cinnamon sticks and let it simmer. To make the smell even more pleasant, you can add some cloves dipped in vanilla extract in it. Ridiculously simple, right?

  1. Mesmerizing Mint

I can’t say about other people, but I find the refreshing impact of mint quite mesmerizing. If it’s a hot and humid day, then all I would want is the soothing aroma of mint coming from a simmering pot. As a preparatory liquid other than water, you require essential oil. If you want, you can also use peppermint extract to mix it up with mint.

Mint Homemade Potpourri Recipes

Another best way to use mint for potpourri is to mix it up with dried coriander which is also known as cilantro. You can prepare a simmering mixture by adding dried cilantro and mint extract in water. A simmering pot filled with this mixture will be an ultimate treat for your guest indeed.

  1. Floral Cocktail

We receive bunch of bouquets on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties. And, that whole bunch is then redirected to the dumpster next day. How about using those colorful petals for few more weeks? A floral mix can be a better option for potpourri as you can keep it in your living room as a decoration piece.

Dried Flowers Homemade Potpourri Recipes

If simmering is not your thing and you are willing to put some more efforts, then you can go with this recipe. Just grab some dried flower petals, put them in a fancy bowl and add few drops of essential oil to spice it up. Make sure that petals are completely dried.

  1. Tantalizing Tea

Tea bags Homemade Potpourri Recipes

Have you got extra tea bags in your kitchen? If so, then you can use them for making simmering pot for your house. All you need is vanilla extract that will mix up with the smell of tea to generate a refreshing fragrance all over the room. Moreover, you can add some spices like cloves, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper to attain astounding aroma in your room.

  1. The Kitchen Jig

Fruits Homemade Potpourri Recipes

If the smell of cooked food doesn’t leave your kitchen for days, then this homemade potpourri recipe is there for help. You just need oranges, apples, cranberries, lemons, some spices and vanilla extract. Let all these fruits dry completely in oven until there is no liquid left especially in lemon and orange. Mix some spices in it and finish it up with vanilla extract. After adding the extract, let the mixture dry for at least 8-10 hours.

  1. De-stressing Coffee

Instant Coffee Homemade Potpourri Recipes

Coffee is not just for keeping stress and fatigue away. Surprisingly, it is also used in homemade potpourri recipes. If you have access to fresh coffee beans, then it’s good otherwise you can use instant coffee powder. Mix the powder in water and add almond extract, vanilla extract, cinnamon sticks, orange peel and chicory. Let all these ingredients simmer unless it starts delivering tempting fragrance in your surroundings.

I hope these homemade potpourri recipes are easy to follow and convenient to make. Which recipe do you thing is the best? Please let me know in the comment section below. 🙂


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