10 Facts about Feng Shui Most People Don’t Know

9 Facts about Feng Shui Most People Don’t Know

When it comes to placing furniture or making any important spatial arrangement in a house, most people prefer to follow feng shui. In addition to this, addition of certain plantations and other specific things also falls under the category of feng shui. But, there is so much about feng shui that most people haven’t heard about it yet.

In this post, I will throw light on some interesting facts about feng shui that you have never heard. Here goes the list:

  1. It was Originated Thousands of Years Ago

Origin of Feng Shui

In general, people consider feng shui as a modern art technique used for decorating places. In fact, when I became familiar with feng shui, it wasn’t clear to me either. Interestingly, it is one of the oldest concepts of home decoration invented in Ancient China. People are practicing feng shui from different regions for more than 3 thousand years.

  1. It is Way More than Just Furniture Placement

Feng Shui Furniture Placement

Those who are not familiar with the concept of feng shui think that it’s about placing furniture in a specific area. As a surprise for them, it is much more than that. There are many other aspects of home decoration that the ancient Chinese technique cover. Besides, type of material also holds importance in feng shui.

  1. It Includes 5 Core Natural Elements

Another feng shui fact says that it has 5 natural elements including water, fire, the earth, wood and metal. When the setup of a place goes on commencement, one is required to incorporate all these 5 essential natural elements in the interior of the living space. All these elements are used in a way to maintain the energy balance.

  1. It has Some Specifications regarding Colors

Feng Shui Colors Specifications

We can’t imagine without colors and so is with feng shui. The concept says that the selection of the right colors in home decoration is important. In fact, some of the natural elements get core highlight by the artistic use of colors in a house. It can be a wall painting or an ordinary decorative piece.

  1. It is inspired from Scientific Principle of Energy

Amazingly, this amazing home decoration art involves the scientific principle of energy. As we all know that energy is like a constant existence in the universe. In this method, the arrangement takes place in a way to harness the energy and maintain positivity in the surroundings.

  1. Certain Spaces Hold Importance in the Interior

Certain Spaces Hold Importance in Feng Shui

When you buy a new home, every part of it is important to you, no matter what. In feng shui, several selected places require special attention. The reason behind this concept is to develop positive energy in the surroundings. As per these famous techniques, the energy around us can have an actual impact on people living in that portion. These certain places encompass bedroom, living room and office cabins.

  1. The Bagua Map is More Important than You Think

Bagua Map - Feng Shui

Interior designing professionals describe that only some people like to go according to a well-designed map whereas some people have their own preferences. Probably, this is why most people don’t consider the Bagua map as an important aspect of home designing. Interior designing professionals utilize Bagua map for establishing positive energy fields in numerous sittings.

  1. The Entrance of a Property is a Crucial Part

Usually when we choose a house, we check through the entire interior and exterior portions. No one really sees the entrance to the property. According to feng shui, the entrance gate should either be facing east or it should be in positive energy field. These gates should look attractive and well-maintained.

  1. The Concept of Feng Shui is Significant to Nature

Feng Shui and Nature

Invented thousands of years ago, feng shui is quite relevant to natural. Most of its principles are nature friendly and parallel to the power of nature. Other than this, the core elements of this method that we discussed above are natural too. On the whole, professionals use feng shui to lock the positivity in a facility.

If you are about to change your place or wish to remodel your house, feng shui can be a smart choice for you. Not only does it help you in placing things at the right place but it also brings positive energy in the interior of your house.

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