9 Things That Guests Notice in Home Décor

9 Things That Guests Notice in Home Décor

Imagine a situation where your friend enter the house and says, “Wow”. If you are a home decoration enthusiast, then you definitely understand the importance of guests’ reaction on the interior of your house. There is no denying and it’s quite natural that everyone wishes to impress their guests with tremendous house decoration. But, is it really possible to make it happen with least efforts?

In order to do accomplish that, we must focus on the factors that guests notice. But, what do you think are the crucial things that guests notice in home décor? In this post, we will take a look at some of those points that we usually skip while decorating a house. But, these things grab the attention of every single person visiting your house. Here goes the list:

  1. Monotonous Color Theme

Monotonous Color Theme

Different people have different opinions about a specific thing and this facts applies everywhere. You might like a given pattern of colors but your friends may not. Besides, there are several aspects of interior designing that you shouldn’t avoid at all. And, choosing the right set of colors is one of them. Is everything in your house has the same color? If so, then your guests will surely notice it. In order to prevent this, ensure that you also include other colors in your house décor.

  1. Proportion vs Clutter

When you are living in a house for a long time, you may not see what your guests can. This facts purely fits on the placement of furniture in your living room. That pre-determined proportion might actually have a cluttered arrangement and guests notice it quite fast. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to furniture placement while moving to a new house.

  1. Absence of Main Colors

Absence of a Main Color

Who doesn’t like to have a colorfully decorated house? But most of the time, optimization is the key. You might have ignored it but absence of a main color can be noticed by your guests. You can choose as many colors for your house interior as you want. But, there has to be a main color in the overall theme.

  1. Multiple Color Contrasts

There is no offence in being a fan of the golden era. But, obviously the representation is not a very good idea. You may not want to keep everything in your house in a set of two specific colors. Make sure to mix up more than 3 or 4 colors to make attractive contrasts for home décor.

  1. Old Lighting System

Old Lighting Systems

You might wonder that why lighting would be one of those things that guests notice in home décor. Apparently, it does affect the interior of your house no matter how much you ignore it. Do you really wish to see an impressive expression on your guest’s face? If so, then you must consider investing in fancy lighting systems.

  1. Quality of Wall Paint

You might have noticed chipped paint on damped walls. We all know that ruined wall paint is the worst thing that could ever happen to a house. If your house walls are vulnerable to any water, make sure that you get the best quality of wall paints so it doesn’t get affected by recurring damping easily.

  1. Storage in Living Room

Storage and Clutter in Living Room

Living rooms usually contain the maximum space as compared to other rooms. This is why some people keep their extra stuff in living room which is a major interior designing mistake. Since living rooms get noteworthy attention, the unnecessary storage becomes one of those things that guests notice in home décor.

  1. Pieces of Accessories

When guests stop by at your house, they also take a look at the accessory pieces. For example; if there are enough lightings in a room, you probably don’t need a lamp there. Besides, study and kitchen areas shouldn’t have week lighting systems.

  1. Use of (Right) Rugs

Use of the right rugs

The use of colorful and fancy rugs is not everything you want in your house. If you are really willing to add up some stylish rugs in the interior of your house, then you must look out the overall interior designing theme of you house along with the worth and use of that rug in a given space.

These are some of the minor aspects that we might ignore but guests probably won’t. So, if home redesigning or renovation is on cards, then you can look into these things that guests notice in home décor. This way, you can easily improvise the interior of your house with minimal professional assistance.

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