Art Deco Interior Designing Theme - Place Patterns In Your House

Art Deco Interior Designing Theme: Place Patterns In Your House

Hello all! Hope you are doing great. Our today’s post is going to be entirely about Art Deco interior designing theme. When it comes to selecting modern themes for affordable home decoration, art deco is surely a tactful choice. Highly influenced with the traces of 20th century, you get to create an enormous blend of modernization in the interior of your house. The elegance of the old times and peppiness of contemporary style are the true virtues of this theme.

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Even though, art deco is a great selection for an alluring house interior; it’s doesn’t put pressure on your pocket at all. That’s right! You don’t need a big budget to remodel your house in this fascinating style. You can add Art Deco interior designing theme in your house even with a limited home décor budget. In addition, you don’t need a complete reboot as you just have to focus on the living space of your house while redecorating it.

Art Deco Home Decor

Before I begin with Art Deco interior designing theme, here is what you need to know about it. Some of the most popular buildings in New York including Rockerfeller Center have an intriguing Art Deco look. That is because geometrical structure is a specialty of this theme. If you like to add patterns in your living room, then nothing could be a better option than this one.

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Now, let’s move on to the elements of art deco that we must look upon to start it. These crucial elements include few textures, furnishings and colors. Moreover you can either go with minor Art Deco touch or pick over-all glam look for your house interior. Below is a list of simple ideas that you can take into consideration for decoration:

Material Types

Materials for art deco interior designing theme

Most of the popular interior designing themes come with distinctive material options and art deco is one of them. This empirical interior design allows you to add ultimate luxury in your living space through the addition of certain materials. Some of these include crystal, silver, stainless steel, jade or molded glass.

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In my opinion, nothing goes wrong if you invest in quality decorative pieces made of crystal, jade or glass. I can’t think of any better way to bring lavishness in a house interior. Fortunately, you can find a variety of attractive pieces but you just need to look around and find the right one.


Silver is like the infusion soul of Art Deco interior designing theme. Even though, there is a complete palette of colors that you can select from. In fact, color selection also depends upon the type of interior any facility. It can be different for bedrooms, living rooms, restaurant, art galleries or conference rooms.

Color selection for art deco interior designing theme

Some well-known home décor experts recommend that art deco is synonymous to magnificence and distinction. Well, that clearly explains why out-standing colors like gold and copper are also submitted in art deco color palette for interior designing. The list also introduces some soft shades such as yellow, pinks, red and ivory.

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For instance, if you want tranquility in a room, then you can go with light colors like beige, cream or off-white. On the other hand, you can add a little drama to the living room interior with deep copper or gold shades. Also, don’t make everything shiny because it will make it look quite tacky and unattractive. Make sure to create a proper color balance.


Patterns in art deco interior designing theme

Pattern inclusion is something that makes Art Deco interior designing theme different from other designs. It’s like a key element that you shouldn’t skip. This fantastic theme encompasses a whole range of fascinating patterns such as trapezoids, zigzag, pointed edges and chevrons. You can always pick your favorite geometrical shape as per your taste. Also, adding pattern could be your best chance to experiment with home décor. Just don’t do it too much.

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Furniture Selection

Furniture for art deco interior designing theme

Home decoration ethics don’t consider the domination of furniture selection. That’s right! While you are at it, let me introduce you to the concept of symmetry. In terms of interior decoration, symmetry is an essential key factor. There is no harm in choosing shiny pieces but don’t go overboard. A combination of something metallic, lacquer wood and black finishes would be nothing but perfect for Art Deco interior designing theme.

And, we are done with the ideas for decorating the house in Art Deco interior designing theme. This opulent home décor theme will create an exotic look in the living area along with making the ambience quite light and warm. Changes are never bad and especially when the change brings elegance and authenticity around. Happy home decoration 🙂

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  1. This is definitely a theme I love most in home design. I love the interest and artistic touch it brings to any space. Those mirrors and floors in the photo above are just amazing! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!



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