Home Decoration Trends 2019 10 Things to Bring Home This Year

Home Decoration Trends 2019: 10 Things to Bring Home This Year

We have already reached the third month of the year and it still feels like a new year. Well, I don’t know about anyone else but it’s the case with me. Never mind! Today, we will focus on home decoration trends of 2019 that have already been introduced by interior designing professionals. The post might sound a bit late but there are certain things in this list that were added later. Nonetheless, this year’s home décor trends are surely going to bring a sassy and vivid kind of ambiance to your house.

Jewel Tones - Home Decoration Trends 2019

Before moving forward to the latest home decoration trends of 2019, I would want to mention that several popular interior designing trends from last year will bid goodbye this year. Minimalistic patterns, grays and cool tones are some of those decoration aspects that we need to skip long with welcoming these new peppy decoration trends of the year. Now, let’s head to home decoration trends 2019:

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Sustained Materialism

Simple Interior Design - Home Decoration Trends 2019

Home Decoration trends of 2019 are all about sustainability and the right balance of everything. With sustained materialism here, I am trying to introduce the concept of ‘less is more’. Make sure that you don’t go over the board to select furnishing items for the house. Instead, you pick something that brings moderation with a hint of simplicity in your living room.

Organic Implementation

Natural Interior Design - Home Decoration Trends 2019

In this era of machine, implementation of organic or natural stuff in the interior of a house is a perfect way to stay in touch with nature. Wooden flooring and furniture along with fresh plants alongside the boundary of the house is one of the popular home decoration trends in 2019. Apart from this, you can also keep bamboo plants in your study or living area to add freshness in the ambiance.

Comeback of 80s Era

80s Interior Design - Home Decoration Trends 2019

It’s the careless vividness that makes the 80s era different and even compelling. Apparently, this is the reason why interior designing professionals are considering it as one of the classiest home decoration trends of 2019. With this, comes back the time of primary colors and general graphical shapes that would complement an inviting house interior this year.

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Warm & Feminine Colors

Warm Colors for Decoration - Home Decoration Trends 2019

With the inclusion of primary colors in home decoration trends of 2019, warm and feminine colors will take the lead for ultimate styling. So, you can feel free to add a tantalizing bronze or shiny taupe color to an area of your house that you find particularly dull or boring. In addition to this, other classy colors such as dusty pink and blush are also there to be in the list. Not to mention that jewel tones will also show up to jazz up the party.

Maximalist Styles

According to home decoration trends of 2019, you are allowed to bring maximalist touch to specific portions of your house covering a wall with images or a room with extremely stylish and eye catchy centerpiece. Even though, sustainability is the need of the time but there is nothing wrong with a heavy piece of art in your living area to grab the attentions.

Floral Prints

Floral Prints - Home Decoration Trends 2019

No matter how far we go with styling trends in interior designing, floral trends are always there to blossom everything around with the natural grace it brings in the atmosphere. Certainly, this is why floral print has managed to make a place in the list of home decoration trends of 2019.

Dark Shades for Bathroom

Dark Shades for Bathroom - Home Decoration Trends 2019

It’s been quite a long time having a bathroom with light colored bathroom walls and now the time has come to make a small transformation. There are plenty of warm and earthy tones golden brown and terra cotta that would do the work. In fact, these colors make perfect pair with lighter shades.

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Metal Accents

Metal Accents - Home Decoration Trends 2019

Are you having a considerable budget for house remodeling? Well, the list of home decoration trends 2019 says that investing in metal accents can be a good idea to spice up the interior. Moreover, keep those accents in an area, where everyone is able to catch a glimpse of it.

Bold Walls

Whether you are planning house painting or just want to spend in wallpapers, remember that going for bold walls is an option for you. You can either pick graphical patterns or just any of your favorite floral patterns to style the walls of your house.

The White Treatment

White Color Decoration - Home Decoration Trends 2019

I have to say that this is one of the most fascinating home decoration trends of 2019. Since, it’s more about color experimentation, you can mix any color with the white one with a defined ratio. For example, the white color should have an amount of 80% and other colors in at least 20%. The imagination says it all.

Warm and earthy colors, jewel tones, metal accents, and bold styles! Looks like that home decoration trends of 2019 have got a complete package for vivid designs and attractive visuals. This list includes every element that gives you an opportunity to replicate your own identity into the interior of your sweet home. Happy home decoration!

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