Rustic Interior Designing Theme Decor: 10 Things You Need for Transformation

Rustic Interior Designing Theme décor: 10 Things You Need for Transformation

Last month, I took a break from my usual routine and went to a resort in Nainital, Uttarakhand for a peaceful weekend. I had no idea what those rooms will be like as a friend of mine booked it for me. (Not to mention, I am a lazy person.) Moving ahead, I reached there only to be surprised by the breath-taking decoration of every single room. It was nonetheless the rustic interior designing theme décor that stole my heart at first sight.

Rustic interior is considerably a perfect selection for farm houses or similar settings. Apart from this, some forest themed restaurants and clubs also prefer taking designing inspiration from this theme. Certainly, there is no better way to bring nature in your home and this is the reason why well-known home decorators have shown their interest in it. Besides, it doesn’t require much of your budget. Here is what you need for a complete rustic interior designing theme décor:

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Raw Elements

Rustic interior designing theme décor is all about utilizing the nature in the best way possible. If you are willing to embrace a natural look for your house, make sure that all necessary raw elements are properly available. These thing include wood, sunlight, handmade stuff and other such things that keep the ambiance of the house light and leisured.

Wood Panels on Walls

Let’s start with an example of the room I stayed in on a trip to Nainital. The room was 50% wood, 30% glass and 20% other things. Wooden arrangement is a crucial factor when it comes to decorating a facility in rustic theme. If you are not comfortable with wooden floorings or ceilings, then wood panels on walls in a reasonable suggestion for you.

Leather (Pleather) Furniture

I don’t use leather and neither do I recommend others to go for it. Fortunately, we have pleather to replace the use of leather. It is generally a plastic material that looks exactly like leather. You can have pleather furniture in your living area for a vintage appeal. A round glass table with this furniture would be perfection.

Natural looking Accents

Choosing fancy accents for rustic interior designing theme décor can be a tricky task. But, all your efforts will surely pay off at the end of the day. You just have to visit a house décor store for a wide variety of choices. There, you can browse some selective pieces that can add the serenity of nature in your sweet home.

Warm Color Tones

Warm and earthy color tones have a remarkable base to support the elegant overview of your house. Moreover, warm color tones can easily make lighting system of rustic interior designing theme décor a bit more exciting. Inclusion of different shades can save you good money on art pieces.

Exposed Outdoor

Exposed bricks and rocks might seems old but they are ruling the home décor trend of 2019. It can be great idea to have a wall of exposed rocks behind the headboard of your bed. Exposed bricks can be more of a decoration experiment. You can choose your style as per your preferences.

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Mantel Placement

Have you even thought of having a fireplace in the master bedroom? Well, most people do but some people find it cliché. In that case, you can just place a mantel in a room along with a fancy vase or a modern art piece to minimize the woody appearance of the room.

A Whole Lot of Natural Light

In the first point above, I mentioned that the room was consisting of more than 30% of glass. There was either a transparent glass or a full-sized mirror. Curtains were covered during night and therefore removing all those curtains in the morning gave me such a blissful feeling. The room was full of natural light and I felt like sitting in a forest but on a bed having other things around me.

Solid Fabrics

Now, we have come to selecting the right type of rug for the theme décor. Rustic is the style for those who like it fierce and fabulous. Even though, you can make your own decision for rugs but solid fabrics will always be the right choice as a suitable option for the interior.

Woven Material

Some people like decoration natural, simple and yet sassy. Handmade things such as woven material is one of those essential things that you might not want to skip while decorating the house in this rusty theme.

These are some elements that your home needs for rustic interior designing theme décor. If you are familiar with this tantalizing decoration trend, please let me know what I have missed in this list.

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